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mum_mum_mum - Kirsty & Quin83 - Lisa Lock Rss

Just wanted to say Good Luck for BFP on friday!

Im very excited for great test results this day, im testing too (if AF doesnt show before then)


Hi AmyC,

Well i caved and tested early last night with Crystal Clear and got a evap second line, i tested this morning again just in case and no second line today sad I also tried Confirm cause there was no First Response left and BFN there too....

Looks like ill be trying AGAIN next month!

Oh and my sister announced last night that she is 8 weeks pregnant! Im happy for her, just wish it was me. Anyway, fingers and toes crossed for Feb 09 bub.

Best of luck AmyC and Quinn83 with your testing hope you get your BFP's!!

Opps Spelling
[Edited on 08/05/2008]
Hey Amy!!

I also caved and tested early... Got bfn and I feel like af is going to arrive sad But what can you do (other than keep trying of course!!)

It is good I guess coz I have only have had one af since having dd coz I am still bf... So this way I know a bit more about my cycle... But it would of been good to have 1 af then not have to worry about them for another 18 months!!

Ha ha... Best luck for your test!!

I tested on Monday and got BFN but still hoping!!!!

I have no symptoms of pregnancy though:(

I will still hope no AF arrive for us all tomorrow and we do get our BFP.


Well AmyC we all know you have left us and moved to the pregnancy section but i was wondering how Quin83 went?? Did af arrive?

Im still waiting patiently for af!! Im now offically 4 days late. I haven't re tested since Saturday when af was due because ive been assuming its on its way as i got bfn on sat.
If i get a chance ill buy a test tomorrow.
I got my confirmation from doctor today due 15th January!!!!

Also better let you know i have changed my username from
AmyC to --ACE-- incase you hadnt noticed LOL

My test was still really faint at doctors today so dont give up hope yet.

Hey!! Yeah af turned up, so we get at least another month of baby dancing!!

Oh and good luck for re test Kirsty!! Sending you baby dust!!!

Thanks Quin83 - I got BFP tonight so ill be moving to the pregnancy section soon.... Im sooo excited.

Good Luck to you for next month.
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