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Could i be pregnant? Lock Rss

I recently had unprotected sex with my parnter and the following day i found that i had my period. Does anyone know if it would be possible that we may of conceived a child that night i would like you views and thoughts.

nsw mother of 1 trying for 2

Hey bella_baby,

How are you?? I'm not exactly sure but I think you may get / become pregnant after unprotected sex even though you got your period the next day. I mean they say you can still become pregnant while you have your period, and have unprotected sex!! An ex friend of mine became pregnant while she had her period, so I guess it is possible.

Well, if you are trying for number 2, Good Luck. smile

Karen, Vic, Nicholas 26/10/02

Hi bella_baby,

I would think you are not pregnant as I have been told by my doctor that a women ovulates 14 days before the day she gets her period. You see we are tring for our 2nd baby and my cycle is up the spout so we have been trying to work out when is the right time.
Hope this helps!

I really wouldn't think so, but stranger things have happened!!! As mentioned that you are most likely to conceive about 14 days after the first day of your period.

If you have any doubts, take a home test around the time your next period is due.


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

I also wouldn't think so as the sperm can live for up to 5 days but there isn't an egg untill two weeks after your period. I think that also the lining of the uterus is being shed during your period so the the egg and sperm could not grip on even if they did become fertilised.
Im no expert though!!! Just what i have picked up over the years!

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

I have to agree with the other mum's and say I too think it is highly unlikely you are pregnant. Having a period cleans out your uterus and therefore your chances of a fertized egg being in there are slim.

If you are trying to conceive number 2, you need to have sex in the middle of your cycle, not the end when your period id due.

Goodluck smile
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