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Want another baby (already have 7/8) Lock Rss

I was wondering what people thought about the fact that I want another child when I have 8 children in the house already. My youngest is nearly 5mnths old. I love being a mum so much and love being pregnant too.

I have 7 boys (14yo, 12yo twins, 8yo, 4yo twins, 5mnth old) and I also look after my sister 3 year old daughter. So we have 8 children in the house.

Do people think i'm crazy to want another and do people think it's too soon to have another/ try for another.

Any comments/ advice would be great,
Good for you. You are only crazy if the 8 you have is too hard already. I'm trying to convince DH to go for no.3 but he's adamant 2 is our number. Aren't boys great? You go girl. Cant see me having as many as you but one more would be cool.

hi lou,

you are an amazing women. crazy yes but

im with you. i love having babies and once they head off to school it makes you want more.
i have brayden 5.5yrs victoria 2.4yrs hannah is 12months m/c in jan and now ttc again.
i would love 6 but dh says no. i reckon if i have a big enough gap after no.4 i should be able to convience him for 5 and 6.

what are the chances of you having another set of twins? you seem to be following a pattern. 7 boys. i hope that if you do ttc again that you get a girl.

do you have good kids? i would say your mad to have another if you not. i fell pregnant with han when tori was 6 months. i only did it because tori was so good and such an easy baby. han on the other hand was not a good baby so i wanted a bigger gap. she is a good girl now though.

what kind of car do you have? just because we are looking and friends of ours are looking at cars at the moment because we are all having 4 or more. you have to change everything after 3 kids.

good luck to you. i hope things work out well for you

I think if you have the time, patience, and Love to have another baby. Go Crazy girl. The fact that you have taken on someone else child as well just goes to show that you still have alot of Love to give. Good Luck whatever you decide. Hope to hear that all goes well with whatever you decide.

8 is a lot of children but I don't think you are crazy... We want 3 or maybe 4... I also loved being pregnant and love being a mum... So we might turn out like you and have more... We have been trying for #2 since dd was 5 months, i don't think it's too soon... 2 of the mummies in our coffee group are almost due with #2 and they will 15 months between their 1st and 2nd babies... I say go you!!

Lou follow your heart- who cares what anyone else thinks, Clearly you are a great mum and this is a wonder time in your life, you wont be able to try for another in 15years so if you think you want more- have more and live your life with no regrets.

My only suggestions for things to think about, will this change the logistics of taking the family out (cars, holidays etc), if you have another multiple birth will you still be happy, how do your kids feel about sharing mum/aunty Lou with more kids?

as for it being too soon, you know your body- if your body is ready and your heart is ready, and DH is ready why not now!

Oh Honey!
You are a superhero! Although you probably hear that and think not really, I think you must be very strong and organised and to add your sisters daughter to the mix your heart must be very big.
If you want another child you go for it..
Good luck!

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

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