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signs and symptoms of being pregnant? Lock Rss

ok well i knew i was pregnant with number 3 cause all the typically symptoms were occuring (typical ones for me) i continued to take home pregnancy tests i took over the 4 week period 2 a week (i was eager i wanted to know:) only on the last one was when it returned positive............

but get this....... my second daughter,,,, i took 2 home pregnancy tests at the same time and both returned to me Positive..... i then waited a while before going to the Doc. (i was in another state and wasnt really comfy with them)...... but i fell ill and had to go.......... i told them i was pregnant and i couldnt take any "wrong" presciptions, as you can see by the nick i am a young mum and this doc. was an ASSHOLE!!!!!!! requested i do a test there in the doc. office. The doc. test came back negative!!!!!!!!! i had not had my period for 3 months....... he was really rude after that so i up and left////////
I should go back there and say "SEE MY BEAUTIFUL 3,1/2 year OLD GIRL< SHE IS YOUR NEGATIVE STICK:)smilesmilesmilesmilesmile
hey sandra,
well i ve got a 5 months old correct at 9weeks and when i found out i was pregant i had sore boobs,
still got a period......did an home test and confirmed i was pregant, went to doc and had a blood and too was pregant had an ultra sound and i was 9 weeks pregant.....
i still got a period after i was pregant and had really sore boobs

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

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