Hi everyone,

I had my implanon removed around 3months ago and I have had 2 periods since- # 3 is due in a few days and were TTC. Im experiancing all tha early pregancy signs but this has happened for the last 2 months before my period. Im excited but scared at the same time BUT im finding it realy difficult being disapointed all the time!!! Can anyone out there give me any words of advice on the best positions and ways to concieve, foods to eat etc...... I realy need some advice from other mums or women TTC. I know im not alone but im just so nervous about the whole period thing- I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF IM PREGNANT!!!! The tests keep coming bak negative but Im just not sure. I know i can fall pregnant cause I have been once b4 (sadly it didnt work out) PLEASE HELP!!!!!