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Very light period only lasting one day could I be pregnant? Lock Rss

Hi Everyone

My period is due today but yesterday morning I thought I had started my period as I had some spotting as you would at the very end or beginning of a period.

I normally suffer from really bad cramping for the first two days but have had none and the spotting has completely stopped.

Sorry if this is TMI but hubby and I were intimate last night and this did not increase any blood flow either. I have gotten up today and the bleeding has completely stopped and there has been nothing since.

This is very strange for me - it has only happened once before when I was pregnant the first time I had a small implantation bleed but by then I was feeling sick and really tired so there were other pregnancy symptoms.

I really don't feel pregnant this time so I don't know what to think.

Has anyone had this happen and not be pregnant? I am a bit confused as I feel normal and don't feel as though I am either pregnant or getting my period.

Any suggestions or ideas are welcome!


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Hi Kristi,
This has happened to me twice since I've been TTC, in the first 2 months of trying I had these really light type periods, mostly brown discharge first day then it would stop, then 3rd day I would get it a bit heaver and it was gone by Day 4 so I thought I was pregnant but all the tests showed negetive and that was in Aug and Sept so I know I defently wasn't as still trying now. but the Oct one was very heavy and crampy and has been each time since so not sure why it went like that.

But everyone is different and if you dont' feel right, do a test if negetive and still not convinced maybe see your doctor for a blood test.
Good luck

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