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HELP!! Lock Rss

[Edited on 03/12/2008]
i cant help with #1 coz i fell pregnant on the pill.

as for #2 i havent really done anything, just keeping healthy and taking pregnancy vitamins
[Edited on 03/12/2008]
all brands are safe. the one recommended the most is elevit, clinically proven to reduce spinal cord defects. there are other brands that do the same thing though. and should be taken at least one month before falling pregnant, so start now
I just took folate when preparing for #1 and now with #2 and once I found out I was pregnant then I started taking blackmores pregnancy and breast feeding tablets, they are cheaper than elevit.


I wouldnt stress about it too much, not many take the perfect route of taking vitamins three months prior and exercising etc to be in perfect shape.

I took folic acid tablets with the first two, I was taking pregnancy vitamins with this one but have just stopped as they were making me constipated plus making morning sickness worse and have gone back to just taking folic acid tablets - which are the only essential thing you need to take. Have never excercised but I think I get enough running around after my 2 year old.

If you are reasonably healthy, minimise the alcohol (cease if you know you could be pregnant), dont smoke then you are on your way. You can start taking folic acid tablets now or a pregnancy multivitamin if you wish.

Blackmores has a new one (only been out for a few months) called concieve well gold - its designed to get the mothers body in good form for conception then you are supposed to switch over to the pregnancy and breastfeeding gold - just a note, if you take your time and go and look at the packets of all of them and compare the levels of each vitamin or mineral. The other thing you can do is get you Dr to do a blood test to see if there is anything you are lacking in general but some Dr's wont cause they don't think its that necessary. I know when I was looking at the packets Blackmores had a better nutrition panel than the elevit, but its whatever you get used to - as someone else said the only really important thing is folic acid as thats the thing that stops spina bifida.


I took folic acid while I was pregnant with dd... We are ttc #2 and I am taking folic acid and iron tablet because i'm still bf and had real low iron while pregnant with dd. I got both them from the doctor...

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