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Hooray I'm joining all the otther TTC'ers! Lock Rss

Hi everyone I'm so excited cause I've got my period finally after having DS almost 10months ago. I really wanted 2 kids 18mths apart but I wasn't consistent using my Ov tests and didn't notice that I had, although we were BDing it just didn't happen sad Now I have AF so I can judge more accurately when I should test for ov and hopefully will get preggers this month smile

Baby dust to everyone else out there TTC too

best of luck ...hope this happens sooner rather than later for you !!
Woot Woot KELandKAI .. you go girl !!!!

yay for you! What a little cutie. Hope you get your bfp soon!


Good luck KELandKAI!!
Hope it doesn't take too long to conceive and hope that AF is regluar now that it's come back. I've just got AF for the 1st time 2 weeks ago after BF my baby for 6 months - he's now 8 months and it took 2 months for my cycle to start back up. Although I should be due to OV around the 16th and so far nothing - I'm hoping i'm not too irregular cos DH and I want to ttc around oct/nov, when DS is about 1.
Best of luck to you guys tho!!!

thank you all smile

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