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I Think I Might Be Pregnant with # 3 Lock Rss

Hiya Girls,

I'm a day late with AF and I have my suspicions that I just might be pregnant with our # 3....

I have achey boobies at the moment, but they're not sore to touch and I feel like AF's just there but she can't find the door or something....

If AF doesn't arrive by Wednesday, then I'll have a pregnancy test done at the Drs. on Wednesday was just lucky that I already had a Drs. appointment already booked for me.

All my love,

Zoe & Jordy's Mummy.

Zoe Jade (05/04/2004) & Jordyn (Jordy) Blake (23/0

Good luck!

Hope all turns out well for you! Were you planning on #3?

AF is due today for me, I've only been trying for this month so not holding my breath!!

Anyway, hope all is well....

Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07

Not Sure If I'm Singing Yet....(Scratching My Head)...


I started a new thread this morning about singing hallelujah as AF had shown up...but I'm not sure if she's just taking the mickey outta me a little today....??

At the moment, I don't even feel like I'm having a period today, my boobies feel slightly achey and just a little bit tender to squoosh....

There's hardly anything on my tampons it's not even worth using them....I should just stuff some toilet paper down there and that'd probably set me right for the day it's that light....

Have any of you had a period like this and still found out that you were pregnant....????

This is soooooo not normal for me, I'm usually soaking through the tampons for the first couple of days....

If I am pregnant, of course I'd be happy, please don't get me wrong, but at the same time, if I never ever have another Baby, then that'd be fine too....

Thanx to all of you girls who have stuck by me and given me love, support and understanding of my predicament over the past few've been absolutely wonderful....I don't know how I would've coped through these last couple of weeks without you all....

Maybe tomorrow AF will give me a flooding....hmmmmm, we'll see I guess...

All my love,

Zoe & Jordy's Mummy.

Zoe Jade (05/04/2004) & Jordyn (Jordy) Blake (23/0

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