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Tips on what to buy? Lock Rss


I was wondering if any of you ladies had moments since your pregnancies where you thought, "I wish I had bought one of those"?

For example, I really could've used a Belly Bag and a feeding cushion.

The belly bag cause my hips were so sore, I couldn't sleep properly on my sides, couldn't obviously sleep on my back or tummy either!

The feeding pillow cause countless times while I was using a normal cushion (I'm such a tightass) it would fall off the arm of the chair or something so I should have invested in a wrap around feeding cushion.

I'm TTC #2 and I am determined not to miss out this time.

Any suggestions?

Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07

Am I the only one that experienced this? I thought there would be heaps!!

Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07

This time round I will be buying a decent baby sling/carrier/pouch. I had a cheap one I'd bought years ago when nannying and another given to me but they were so fiddly to put on and quite uncomfortable so I hardly ever wore them. With a toddler and a baby a decent one will be very useful I think!

I'll also be hiring a baby capsule instead of using the convertible car seat for the first few months. I wished we'd done so with #1 as he'd invariably fall asleep while in the car and wake as soon as I tried to get him out of the seat. I really envied friends who just carried the whole capsule in with baby still sleeping soundly (especially for those quick shopping trips!).

I wish i had bought more nappy wipes u cant have enough but just remember 2 buy the aloe/sensetive ones incase ur bub is allergic. I also stocked up on dettol hand wash so everytime i changed a nappy i would wash my hands in it and when my little bubba sucked allova my hands it didn't matter and I knew they were clean. Also buy different sized nappies they r only goin 2 grow into them.

Mumma of 3.

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