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When to have #2 Lock Rss

Hi all,
was just after peoples thoughts and experiences with how far apart they had their children, i was thinking of trying when my little girl is 18months so at earliest they would be 2 and a bit years apart.
any thoughts on what works well

I haven't had 2 kids yet but want to do the same as you but I want to start trying just before my little girl turns 1 so if sucessful she will be at least 18months.
I know a lot of people who were 2 years apart and they all get along great with their siblings. And when your girl is over 2 she will also understand what is going on and be a doting big sister. I already get all happy when I picture my lil girl being a big sister to her sibling (not that its happened of course)
hi there,
there is 19 months between my first 2, i fell pregnant when charlotte was 10 months, and for me it was the perfect age gap they have always gotten along pretty well, after i had my second i said i wouldnt have anymore if i hadnt fallen pregnant again by the time imogene was 3 (i was a single mum then, so i had to meet someone first lol) as it turns out no. 3 is due to arrive about 3 weeks before imogenes 3rd birthday, im hoping things work out well with them, there is 22 months between my older brother and i and we are pretty close, then theres 8 years between me and my next sibling and im more like an aunt to him and the even younger ones, my DH and his brother are 15 months apart and were very close until his brother married, anyway what im trying to say is that close age gaps is great but big ones can be great too, even though i feel more like her aunty my fav sibling is my youngest brother who is 11 years younger!
good luck with your decision hope this wasnt too long winded for you

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

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