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Finding out 2nd babies sex? Lock Rss


I'm just intrigued to know how many people with 2 or more found out the sex the 2nd time round or those that are pregnant now and decided to find out the sex.

I have already decided (although I may change my mind) that when I have my 2nd I am going to find out the sex even though my husband is against it I think. I just think it would make it heaps easier to organise for. With my 1st I was sure it was going to be a boy and had mostly boy clothes and it was a girl so I would love to be able to just fill the drawers with either blue or pink.
: )
Hi Kel

We found out that we were having a boy when we were 19 wks pg (he is our first). We didn't mind which sex, we are just nosey ! smile
We found it alot easier to plan things knowing the you say fill the drawer with pink or blue smile

Some people say it takes away the excitement but we found it just as exciting !
If we have another baby we would definately find out the sex again. The only thing we wouldn't do next time is tell people the babies name. Wish we hadn't of done that now.

Good luck with whatever you choose to can't go wrong either way smile

Kel x

i found out the sex of all of mine, with the first 2 i "knew" anyway so it was more a formality plus it made planning easier specially with the 2nd!, this time round i thought i "knew" it was a boy luckily DH wouldnt let me buy anything gender specific till we found out so at my 19 weeker i got a huge shock when told it was another girl! dont get me wrong i was dissapointed only because my instincts were wrong!!!!!! at least i was right about the bubs being healthy!!
finding out is always going to be a surprise whether you are 18 weeks and its an u/s or at the birth!

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

I agree i have had 2 children and preg with 3rd never found out with either and i'm going to find out with 3rd on monday, i have one of each and would like to get the blue or pink out this time, i dont think it will take the surprise away as you still get a great baby at the end. WE are just going to tell people we never found out then no one puts pressure on you to tell them.

abbey 5, alex 22/06/05 edd 2/06/2006

Hi Kel,
I always bought gender neutral jumpsuits and waited until I knew what to buy when they were older. I left it to family and friends to rush out after the birth to get something gender specific. Never did decorate a room as a nursery, I figured they grow up and I'm too lazy to redo the room. Have since discovered I love to paint and decorate but it is difficult around small children.
#1 child I didn't want to know. Was suprised when the Obs sent me to the ultrasound he indicated that they were allowed to tell me because the office was in an area where an unwanted gender will be terminated.
#2 still didn't want to know.
#3 didn't matter as we had one of each. As he was the result of me not researching the rhythm method properly DH was certain he was a boy as we only did it once that month and I came looking for it.
#4 pregnancy was talked about as DH wanted another girl and said if I couldn't guarantee a girl we wouldn't go again. I did the proper research this time and when we were just about ready to try his worked started to talk about sending him to America and we had to put plans on hold. Next month we had a suprise. I was so certain it was safe, but consoled myself that it should be the girl he wanted. 8wk first visit to Obs was told it was twins. Wanted to know this time. The big twin was a boy and every scan showed this but even though we had so many scans to check the growth of the little one they couldn't determine gender.

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