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TTC #2 - any success so far? Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

Just thought I'd start this post for all of us TTC #2 and all the others that might need some support who will see this subject title....

So how are you all going?

AF has left the building today so it's on for young and old!!!

Good luck with all your efforts ladies, fingers crossed!!

Love to you all.....


Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07

HI Elle,

Can I join in, I'm actually TTC No.3 but have been having no luck and going into 7th month of trying as of yesterday.

My little boy turned 20mths yesterday and I really wanted to have another baby when he was turning 2 but the way we are going with no luck looks like he will be over 2 1/2 or heading to 3 before we have another one.

Anyway would love to join in if that is okay and keep up to date on how we are all getting on for support etc.

Hi ladies,
I'm one of many others TTC #2..
For me it will b #2 but for my DF it will b #1.. With Jordarna I went off the pill & 2 months later was pregnant!! DF and I have only been trying just over a month now so we're secretly hoping our wait won't be too long as the age gap is growing fast as the weeks go by~Jordie is nearly 27 months old. Not too bad I guess BUT she is a VERY clingy girl when it comes to "Mummy" so am wondering how she will cope. Luckily enough DF already treats her as his own but keeping in mind that her biological father is still in her life, he doesn't overstep the boundary too much & Jordie calls him by his first name & not "Dad". She in time will make her own decision as to who she calls what I guess.
Only thing DF & I have against us is his low sperm count sad BUT we're hoping we can work at a "miracle baby"
Good luck to all the other "goddesses" tongue I've got my fingers crossed for us all
We have been TTC#2 for the past 20 mths with no luck hope it will happen this year.

*hope you have better luck than me*

QLD 5 year old daughter

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