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I am a 36yr old single mum with a 3yr old. I have never wanted my child to be an only child however there are no prospects of a marriage in the near-ish future. I also have strong personal feelings re 2 children to 2 different fathers (no judgement intended to others, this belief for myself comes from my personal family experience). I am good friends with my child's father and would love to have another child with him, but without us becoming a couple again. By the time the child would be born I will be at least 37yrs. I am financially secure with a good career. My body is literally craving another child. The main issue is the social stigma regarding conceiving while no intentions to be with the father. Has anyone gone through this .... what happened?

Leanne, Qld, toddler

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My second childs father wanted to be with me after not being part of his daughter until she was 1.5 years............. I didnt see no picket fence, and refused... he is now with my best friend of nine years with a baby and all.........

You see harm in having different fathers........ dont you see harm in having "Same" daddy that isnt "There"?????????????????

if it is what you choose, im happy for you....... but who is it you are really thinking of to have more children???????????
This is a tricky one to say the least...

I can understand you wanting any future children you have, to have the same father, but is it really a fair request of the man you are no longer sharing your life with?

I can understand that your biological clock is ticking... but are you thinking clearly about what it is you want to do?

This is such a tough one because for me personally I feel a child should be created from love and all you are doing is asking your ex to be a sperm donnor.

If he is happy to do it and it is what you want, then I'd say go for it... who am I or anyone else for that matter to judge you???

Also forget the social stigma!!! If you are happy and self sufficient and your children are well cared for and loved... who cares what other people think! There are a lot of very different family units out there these days and I see no harm there.

Goodluck with whatever you decide.
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