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Do I want #4 HELP!!!!!! Rss

Hi all,

My husband and I have three daugthers. In the last four years my body has been through 6 pregnancies(miscarriages and births). My husband would really like to try once more for a boy.

Part of me wants to try for a boy and experience the opposite sex whilst also giving my husband a boy, then part of me doesn't cause I am enjoying the 3 I have and I am liking my freedom right now. We have the car and the room in the house to accommodate a fourth child, but I just don't know if I want to go there again.

Am I being selfish? Or am I being scared that I can't cope with 4. I have suffered pnd with the last bub. So that is also putting me off a little.

Any advice would be good.

Thanks ladies.

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

[Edited on 21/05/2008]
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