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Question re Carry Cots Rss

Just would like your thoughts on this one as I'm a new mum to be and don't really know what's worth getting and what's not.

I've looked at the posts re indispensable items but need help on this.

Is a carry cot useful? Is it worth getting one? Or am I better off just sticking to using the carseat and a frontpack carrier.

Many thanks! smile


ive never myself had a carry cot, but i know what your talking about............ although am curious which carrier you refering too.... the hard one taken from the car seat or a seperate cot carrier.....

a friend of my sister inlaws had one of those new sheer bang popular soft ones, i say again HAD one... the baby fell out.... Not a good thing...

i think the hard case carriers are excellent looking but you should consider motr the front pack carrier.......

Consider this,,,, cot carrier weighing in at approx. 5-10 kilos on one side of your body, you will need to be carrying baby bag with all necesities on the other side or as a back pack......

For your backs sake i would say go with the front pack........
Awesome! Thanks for the advice. smile


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