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Faint Positive pregnancy test Rss


Hubby and I have just returned home from holidays and the last two weeks I have been feeling like I could be pregnant. I have been going to the toilet constantly and feeling similar sensations in my stomach that I felt with my other two pregnancies. My period was due today and I did a pregnancy test just in case and it was a very faint positive. I have never used this brand of test before (I picked the cheapest one I could find) so I am wondering if that means that it is incorrect or is not as sensitive as other tests. With my two other pregnancies I had a very strong positive result a few days after my period was due.

It is a bit confusing I am not sure if I am pregnant or not. I held the test at arms length and you could still see the faint line.

Any advice anyone - I am not sure what to think!


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hi kristi when i did mt pregnancy test in feb last yr mine was faint to 1 line was darker and the other 1 was light u could b preg but just in case do another 1 but bu the dearer 1 and see how u go or go to the doctors thats the oly way to find out

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When i was pregnant with #1 i did a test a couple of days after and had a very faint line. I then waited a couple of weeks and did it again, and it was a lot clearer then.

I think if you do it the day your period is due or a couple of days after it's not as clear as the hormone isn't strong enough.

I'd wait a couple of weeks, or go to your doctor - but they will probably just do a test.

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Hi Kristi,
I got very faint positive lines with my pregnancies they never showed up strong till I was about 6 weeks pregnant, I remember when I was pregnant with my 1st I kept on doing these tests as I was late with the period and first it would show up Neg, then it went to faint line next try and I was so confused by it all I ended up going to the doctors as I felt terrible, was fainting, felt sick etc but wasn't really getting a strong read on the tests but my doctor confirmed I was pregnant and his test came up really strong.

Maybe try again in about 3 days time as I read on tests I have used to leave it 3 days and try again if no AF has arrived if still in doubt maybe visit your doctor to confirm for sure.

anyway let us know how you get on.

They say that even if it is faint it is more accureate than if you have a negative result you still could be pregnant! So, in English LOL if you have a negatine result you still could be pregnant but if you have a positive result it is more likely to be correct than a negative result!
But, it can also be if you are on medication that contains that hormone in it!
I had a negative result the day i was due wiht number one and the day i was late i had a very faint positive! I went to the dics for a blood test the same day and was pregnant!
I used a few different brands, i don'tthink it matters which one, it's just personal preference i think whether you want to pee in a cup or straight onto the stick, though you can get the tests that show early detection befopre you are due for your period!
If i were you, i wouldbe thingking i was pregnant unless you are on medication that could change the result!
I'd do another test(another brand ifyou are stillw orried about that issue) and got o the docs!!!
Good Luck!
Hope you get the result you want!

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