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ovulation day??? Rss

Just wondering if others know which day in their cycle they ovulate on? I have no idea but all the books tell me it's day 14. This month my 'day 14' was on the 10th. We are trying for no. 2 but as we were camping with my family we didnt get many chances for romance and only managed to 'do it' on the 8th, 12th and 14th. Do you think we missed it??? What are others experiences with there fertile period? Am in unknown territory as bub no. 1 was a suprise!!

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Hi sararead

Generally speaking I am pretty sure a woman ovulates 10-14 days before the start of their period. In most cases I think it is around 14 days before. I have read too that sperm can live for up to about 3 or 4 days in the woman after having sex. So in saying that it seems possible to conceive from doing the deed on those days you mentioned.

My fingers and toes are crossed for you!


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I am not sure if you have heard of it but my mum is a midwife/ante-natal educator but she is also qualified teacher of Billings Ovulation Method. You can buy books about it and you can also read about it on the internet. It is highly accurate and also useful (strangely enough) to help pick the sex of the baby. It's highly accurate and my mum used it with us children and had 2 girls and 2 boys. She has clients all the time whom she helps learn about it and she has had a 100% sucess rate so far. It works on looking at your cycle and working out when you are most fertile and yes it is usually 10-14 days after the FIRST day of your period. That's how they work out your due date at the hospitals! Try looking it up through google. Hope this info helps!

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Hi Sara,

My partner and I are trying for our second. On average, you Ovulate on the 14th day of your cycle, however, some people ovulate earlier or later than that. I bought an Ovulation kit from the chemist, so I'm hoping that i will be pregnant. You can buy a pack of 5 from Coles for about $20, i bought a pack of eight for $25, which included a preg. test from Terry White Chemist, might have been on sale tho. If your not pregnant this time round, you should give it a try.

Kate, Kaylem-3yrs, #2 due 16 Oct,QLD

Hi Sara,
My 3rd was a result of not doing research properly and not realising that day1 is the first day of bleeding. I thought it was first day blood free and at day 9 we conceived a boy.
For my 4th I was trying for a girl and did reading on the net about when to try. We weren't ready to try yet so I thought day 9 would be safe. It wasn't. I now have b/g twins. Admittedly this would probably be due to late age high hormone levels that caused a double release.
Good luck with your attempts.

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