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I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a good website to me for charting your cycle and predicting ovulation. Also looking for one that can help with timing to conceive a particular sex.

Thanks for your help

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Hi Kristy

I was looking in the 'Becoming a Parent' section of Huggies and they recommend this site :
Check it out smile

Also they had this to say about the baby's sex...

When: For a female baby, make love up to two or three days before ovulation as only female sperm survive this long; for a male baby, make love on the day of, or just after, ovulation, as the faster male sperm will reach the ovum before the female sperm.

Frequency: For a female baby, make love fairly frequently, as this lowers the proportion of male sperm in the semen; for a male baby, make love infrequently, as this will increase the proportion of male sperm.

Hope this helps smile

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