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Faint positive line Rss

well i did a test yesterday (it was a test that u can do 5-7 days before due for periods) anyhow... i did it 8 days before and i got a faint positive line (i read its pos no matter how fain the line is) but do u think it was faint because i did it earlier then it says or its just to early... i plan on retesting thro the week or just wait to see if im late (due 28th)

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The line was probably faint because you did the test early. The line gets stronger as you go along. I had a friend that had a faint positive the day she missed her period and repeated the test a few days after and the line was much darker.

If it were me I would wait to see if I was late as I had a faint positive last month and then got my period two days later. I suspect I conceived but it did not implant in the uterus and therefore I got my period. I do not want to take any excitement away from you though as you may very well be pregnant and things will progress normally but I just thought I would share what happened to me.


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hi good_bub,
just wanted u to know that i am 30weeks and yes my blue line was as faint as u could get,it even took a few minutes to show,so i am guessing that YES u r pregnant!!!!let us all know how it turns out.


Hi!!! I did the same sort of test 8 times and every time the line was really really faint. Well I waited and now Im 3 months pregnant!!!!!!
They say with those tests that even a very faint line indicates you are pregant(i know cause i called the help line lol) Now the line on the same test is realy dark Good luck let us know how you get on. Also all of you should check out its GREAT it has everthing you could possibly need for babys and children.
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