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Hi, I have a 13 month old daughter and my husband and I want another baby but we don't know how close we should have them?


Lucy, mum of Aimee Louisa, 25-12-04

Hi Lucy,

We have a 10mth boy and have decided to TTC#2, i have heard it takes a lot longer to conceive after #1. I stopped the pill and fell pregnant with #1 straight away, this time i have been off the pill for almost 4wks.

If i'd known it was going to take longer this time i would have started trying earlier.

What i'm getting at... is to remember that the longer you leave it the longer it could take and the older your daughter will be.

Our son is really placid and we wanted our children close in age, that's the reason why we are TTC#2.

Hi Lucy,

My daughter is 14 months and alot of people have been giving me unwarranted advice, i will gladly share it with you - here goes:

- start trying soon so they can play together (this sounds good in theory but my daughter is reaaaally active so dont know how i would cope with that...depends on how you feel i guess, this comment came from a mother of 6!)

- wait till she is 5 before having another one (this seems too far apart)

- wait till she is toilet trained as changing 2 nappies at once is hard work. (this sounds reasonable, this comment came from a mother of 3 with about 2 and something months between each child.

In the end you and ur hubby are the ones who will know when its right.

I am guessing anywhere between 2.5 - 4 years apart seems ok?

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