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Baby gender and the baby shower Rss

Hi there,
My husband and i are wanting to find out the gender of the baby cause we want to be prepared and have already chosen nursery themes for each sex. Yet we kinda don't want to tell anyone...has anyone done this and how did you attack the whole baby shower thing....did you announce it then....or have one of you ladies thought of a clever way to keep it a secret and still get the presents you want for the baby shower???
Love your feedback;

Loz: new mum to Joshua David (11.07.2006) - Sydney

Hi Loz
We found out the sex of DS at 19 week scan. Our parents didn't want to know, so we kept it secret - it was so hard. We had people making judgements on what we were having all the time, from what colour stuff I bought to what I said or didn't say.
Even though it was very hard, we'll probably do the same next time, just cos we want to know. Maybe we'll tell if it's a girl (cos I'll just be that little bit more excited!).

One thing you could do is find out, but not tell anyone that you know for sure - just guess your way thru! A friend of mine did this and said it was a girl all along, but said they didn't find out at the scan. They eventually told us later that they did know and it never even crossed our mind that they did 'know', even though they were so sure.

We're TTC #2, how far along are you?
Best wishes


CJ ~ DS 4, DD 1

hey Loz you could go about it like the previous person who replied said to ... do you think your friends would buy you gender speific things just going on your 'instinct'? I was so sure my second was a girl that I bought girl's clothes before she was born, but I don't think my friends would have just going on my instinct? Depends though ... if you are very convincing i think it's a great idea!! One of my friends did nuy me a dress for a little girl for my baby shower ... because she had been certain i was having a girl too smile !! I thought that was sweet!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

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