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hi smile i am currently on day 31 of a 28 day cycle, and have been getting BFN of the home pregnancy tests sad on days 28 and 29 i had spotting but thats it, i still have cramping aswell. has anyone else experienced this at all? i am going to the dr tomorrow to get a blood test and see whats happening with me. thanks smile

renee 23, rod 25, DD 5/9/04, DS 22/7/07


I had a cycle a couple of months ago where I started spotting around when my period was due and then it stopped for a couple of days and then my period started so I was not pregnant.

You could be pregnant and the hormone level is not high enough to detect on a HPT. A visit to your doctor and a blood test will be able to confirm whether you are pregnant or not.

Let us know how you go (if you want to!)


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

with my first, i thought my period started, but it was gone the next day, so yes i was pregnant, the best bet is to see yourdr, good luck!

Kate, Kaylem-3yrs, #2 due 16 Oct,QLD

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