I have mild haemophilia B. Around 12% clotting factor. This affects 1 in 4 pregnancies with a diagnosis of child being a haemophiliac. My last pregnancy was diagnosed as a boy with haemophilia. Chances were he would have been a severe haemophiliac. I decided to terminate my pregnancy at 13 weeks. It was a hard decision. Now I am trying for another baby. Is there anyone in my position around? Haemophiliac women are very rare. I am not a carrier. I suffer from haemophilia.

It is also very difficult for me in delivery. With my 2.5 year old I had a ceasarean under general anaesthetic with clotting factor given every day for approximately two weeks after the operation. My 2.5 year old son does not haemophilia. Again required clotting factor after the termination. The termination procedure I had was a D&C. I bled for approximately four weeks after the D&C.

Anyone else been in my position?