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Obst in Rockhampton Lock Rss

Hi I was just wondering if anyone out there has seen a obstertrician in Rockhampton. I have been referred to Dr Khoo but I was really unhappy with him after my first visit. I know there is one other but it is an expensive exercise to try them out. I wonder if it will get better once we get to know him but would love to hear from anyone who has seen him or someone else in Rockhampton. My Obst in Toowoomba was a godsend and I don't have fun pregnancies so I need a good obst. Thanks for any feed back.
Hi! I'm a local CQ mum too! I went to Dr.Khoo for my first bub so I know exactly what you mean. He has absolutely no bedside manner. NO, he does not get better as you get to know him; he's just that way... HOwever, I will definately be going back to him and tolerating him for my 2nd bub simply because he is so experienced and he is great at what he does. My 1st pregnancy was trouble free until about 3 weeks out from due date and that's when Dr Khoo's experience really came in.

If you would prefer someone else, my friend went to Khoo for 1st pregnancy and could not face dealing with him agiain so she's going to the other ob. in town (is it DR. Prassad?) for her 2nd pregnancy. She is very happy with him so far and has a friend who delivered with him and also recommends him.

I know Khoo charges his insurance fee up front and he is very expensive; don't know how Prassad compares money-wise. Hope this helps!
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