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Fertility problems Rss

Hi there

Friends of ours had tried unsuccessfully for a couple of years to have a baby naturally, so they have sought medical assistance. After being unsuccessful with AI, they have now turned to IVF. Just after Christmas they had their first attempt, and have just found out it was unsuccessful.
I feel very sad for them, but don't know how to express my empathy for them in words. Their sorrow is also compounded by the fact that all of our friends have either had babies in the last year or so or are currently pregnant, some for the second time.
Can anyone give me some suggestions as to wat I can say to acknowledge their grief, or lessen their pain without sounding or seeming shallow?

Qld, mum to Madison, born 25/5/05

Hi there
best thing is to be honest with them. You don't know how they're feeling unless you've been in the situation, so if you need to say something then do it without sounding like you know how they feel. Hope this helps.
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