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Light Period after IVF Natural Thaw cycle.... Rss

We're trying for baby #2 on IVF, my daughter Harmony was concieved after our first Stim Cycle and we had 6 embryos frozen at this time.

We started a natural thaw cycle in Jan (ie no fertility medication), and had a embryo transfer at the end of Jan. 2 days before my period was due (12 days after transfer) I started a light bleed - I thought it might be an implant bleed - but alas Preg blood test was negative. My period was extremely light (my normal cycle is very very heavy) and I have been really sick.

Has anyone experienced this after an IVF cycle - the nurses told me that I had a virus (GP confirmed Neg Preg Test 15 days post tfr) but I don't believe a virus would effect my period...

Very confused - and worried I have an infection from the tfr.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Meek mum of Harmony 28.03.04

Hi Meek,

My son Lachlan was conceived after a stimulated cycle and I am now pregnant with Baby #2. We started cycling for #2 in March 2005 as like you we have 6 embryos left over. Sadley none of them took and we lost the last two in the thawing process. I had another egg collection and had 5 embryos made. After another unsuccessful cycle in August I took September off and tried again in October. I was told as I was put in the transfer chair that all but two of my embryos had died and if today was unsuccessful I would need another egg collection. I was devestated. Amazingly, one of the embryos took and I am now 19 weeks pregnant. I tell you my story to give you hope.

To answer your question after one of the unsuccessful transfers I had a very light bleed which only lasted two days Despite the negative blood test I was convinced I was pregnant. But I was not. My IVF nurse could not explain why I was only having a light bleed. My IVF Doctor thought it might have been due to my stress levels peaking and advised we have a month off and have a holiday. Which we did. My period came 3 days early after the light bleed. Then I had the sucessful cycle.

I think it could be wise for you to speak to both your IVF counsellor and IVF doctor about your concerns re infectin from the transfer. You have every right to ask questions.

Best wishes,

PS If you ever want to chat about IVF - I am here for you.

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