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Baby shower games! Rss

Hey everyone!

I am having a baby shower held for me in a couple of weeks and we are stuck on what games to play.
We have a few at the moment but if anyone out there has suggestions on more games to play it would be great!!!

mum to Tyler born 01/04/06 & Akaisha due 13/01/08

At my shower we played a few games, Nappy on a balloon game- have a balloon blown up for each guest and a cloth nappy each, who is the quickest to fold and put on the nappy (using a pin) without the balloon bursting. Name Game- each guest writes a boy and girl name for each of the letters of the alphabet, great to keep these as ideas! Pin the foetus on the belly- much like pin the tail on the donkey only using an outline of your pregnant body side-on and a picture of a baby (from a mag). Hope these help- have fun and be sure to talk photos for the start of your babies photo album!!

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

Thank for those ill add them to my list!

mum to Tyler born 01/04/06 & Akaisha due 13/01/08

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