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HELP Advice needed ~!!! Rss


I need some advice from all you mums out there, its time, i want to be a mum i want to concieve..... but...... i cant convince hubby. what do i do??? its consuming me its all i think about to the point where im almost obsessed.

you all probably think im nuts but its the one thing in my life ive always been sure about and that is that i want kids. hubby wants to wait at least another 3yrs..... 3YRS!!! thats like forever.

i dont know what to do please please help.

Shannon WA, DD Tiana 2, No2 EDD 8th May

Hi. I am not quiet yet a mum, but I know what you are going through. When my Best Friend fell preggers I suddenly got clucky but was in the middle of my hairdressing apprenticeship and had to wait until I only had about 6 months to go. So during that time my hubbie kept saying "no" and that he wasn't ready, to which I kept on bursting into tears! Then we got closer and one night he said that all along he had been joking and that he was busting for kids of his own but there had been 1 year of waiting before we could even try so he didn't want us to get to excited too soon and not be able to get to work!

So all along he couldn't wait but was secretly enjoying the 'practice'. My second cycle after coming off the pill I fell pregnant and we cannot wait for these next 8 weeks to end!

This is a true story of hope for you! Hope it helps. If not just keep reminding him that the optimal age for pregnancy is 18-28 and after that things go down hill in many ways and he wouldn't want a disabled child to care for, or for conception to take that long that he has to spend $$$ on IVF. And this is not just for no.1. If he wants more than 1, it takes time to make a family! Good Luck.

Hollie, Tas, Happy mummy to Grace (2) and Bonnie (

Shannon that must be so hard for you. Lucky for me my partner and I were both ready for kids at the same time. Just sit down and talk to your hubby and try to explain how important this is to you ... remind him you won't necessarily get preg straight away either. So it could be fun for him while you are 'trying' lol. Good luck.

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