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I have FREE STUFF!!! Rss

I have a huge pile of stuff after going through my DD bedroom & I thought I would like to put it on here to offer to anyone that is in need of some things for there precious bubs.
I would like to offer it to anyone that is struggling a little with the new expenses a bub has added to there lives(or expecting a bub)whether it be you are single or studying or the single income is only just getting you by.
I am only doing this because I am lucky enough to have all these lovely things for my DD and sometimes I just get her a little to much or some of the things I just don't need anymore.
I am not trying to treat anyone like a charity case(sorry had to add that as sometimes on this site people get the wrong idea)
I just have some stuff and I thought it would be nice to offer,i give a lot to charity stores but I still manage to have more stored away.
Anyway after that long spiel I have(just to list a few)
*A number of beautiful quality soft toys(all like new)
*some wraps,muslin large and small
*a few girls clothes
*some kids videos
*a cot mobile
*2 books "what to expect when your expecting"&"what to expect the first year"
*A brand new nappy bag
*a brand new single ameda breast pump kit(attaches to an electric breast pump)also can be used to hand pump
**a new in box baby swim seat(with the sunshade attached)
*a head bumper protector(girls colours)in the box
*and a few more things
email me if you are interested or know anyone that could do with a little helping hand!! can send pics)

Everything is in excellent condition

Hi Nikki

You are very generous !! smile

Just wondering where do you live ? (just to get an idea on postage costs...)

Thank you
Oh derrrrr...i just saw your email address smile LOL !
I will send you an email.

Hi Nikki

As per your response you said to reply to your email address. I did that but have not heard from you at all so I'm assuming that the goods have been given away.... If there still available could you please let me know.


Leisa, Qld, Alex 19/11/2004, 2# Chloe 3/11/2006 &

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