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Early Home Pregnancy Testing Rss

Has anybody used those pregnancy tests that are able to detect a pregnancy a week before your period is due? I have never seen them before, (I possibly just read the box wrong!) I saw them in the supermarket the other day and wondered how reliable they are.

Fiona, VIC, 5yr, 3yr old and new baby

i used the first response brand,
i used it 7 days after we had sex which was week 3 of my cycle,
the line was only very faint, but if you read the insert in the pkt you will usually find if you get 2 lines and one is very faint, you are pregnant,
the reason the line is faint is the hormome level is very low.

but YES they do work b4 your period is worked for me . smile .

but the best test is a blood test, you can have that b4 a missed period and get a definate result.

if you test and do get a faint line then do another test 2days later, that way the horomone increases and the line will get darker.
but make sure you test with your first wee of the day as the hormone will be more concentrated for a better result.
i cant believe nobody has replied to your post?

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

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