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When do periods return after stopping pill?!?!?! Rss

I have just come off the pill to TTC #2. First day of last period was January 17. I was due for my period on Monday (just gone) and its now Thurs and still no period. I did a pregnancy test and it was negative. I was on the pill when I got pregnant with my first, but I know that I was 31 days late and did a pregnancy test and it was negative. Did one the following day and it was positive.
Just wondering if anyone out there had their periods come late after stopping the pill...if so, how late? Also, has anyone else got pregnant in their first cycle from stopping pill?
I was thinking that maybe I ovulate later (than the approximate 14days) or something. I'll obviously do a test again in a couple of days if period not here, but I'm interested to know if anyone else has been in my position!! The suspense of not knowing if I'm pregnant yet is ANNOYING me!!
I'd love to hear any other similar cases!!!
Thanks heaps!
i fell pregnant within two weeks of stopping the pill. if i remember corrently you should normally get another period within a couple of day of stopping the pill. your body is just adjusting to not being on the pill anymore.
if you are really worried have a blood test. i did. it came back negative but a week later when my period was late i took a test and it was positive. some home tests not pick up early pregnancy.
hope that helps you.

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