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Planning no. 2 - What to buy? Lock Rss

Hi Everyone

My husband and I are planning to start trying for number 2 in a couple of months time and are just starting to talk about things that we might need to buy for the new baby.

We are on a tight budget so we really need to be careful that what we buy isn't going to be a waste of money.

We are looking at buying another pram, either one that takes a toddler seat or a tandem pram (and keeping the one we've got). Which is best?

Will we need a second cot? What about a car seat - we have one that is for up to 4 years old at the moment. Hopefully our first will be around 18-20 months of age when the new baby is born.

Any suggestions, comments welcome!


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

A second car seat is an essential, as they should stay in that until about 4 years (18kg) - so your first will still need the one you've already got.

I have a 2.5 yr old and 4 month old, and have so far managed to get by without a tandem pram or toddler seat. We try to encourage the toddler to walk when we go out and use the pram for the baby. But if we do need the pram for the toddler, I carry the baby in a pouch, which is a lot cheaper than a new pram, and babies often prefer to be carried than be in the pram anyway. If you go shopping with someone else, you can also use a shopping trolley for one and the pram for the other.

A second cot depends on when you plan to move your first to a bed (or mattess on the floor). We did that before our baby was born, so had the expense of a single bed, instead of a second cot - something that we will get a lot more use out of. On the downside, we still have the nightly battle of getting our daughter to stay in her bed to go to sleep (especially if her baby sister is up). At one stage I was up more resettling the toddler than the new baby, but now it is generally only the first half hour or so after we put her to bed each night. There is a discussion under the toddler forum about when to move a toddler to a big bed which you may find influences your decision on whether you need a second cot.

Hope this helps.
Good Luck.

mum to 2 girls

Hi Ashleesmum

We too are planing to start trying for another baby soon, out carseat is a birth to 4yrs but it is quite short so we were planing to give the new baby that one and give Aimee a new one, you could hire a carseat if you cant afford one straight away. also we were planning to use the bassinett in our portacot until Aimee moved to a big bed, as for the pram we would keep the one weve got and let Aimee walk or use a carry pack for the baby (until it got too big).

Aimee will probally be around 2.5 when the new baby is born

Just a suggestion... because youve already got most things (especially if you have another boy/girl) you could ask friends/family to help pay for a new carseat etc instead of buying a gift for the baby.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

we bought a 2nd hand 2nd cot and high chair . and a new tandem pram they certainly made life easier . and the baby went into the 0-4 car seat and we bought a safe and sound maxi rider for the toddler. when we had no3 he got the baby car seat and the middle one got one that was loaned from friends

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Does your first like to walk when you are out shopping??????

you can buy those new scooter connections for the prams have you seen them??????? i think there really funky.........

for expenses sake i would recommend buying a bed instead of a second cot....... but i would start putting your first in there now!!!!!! alot of siblings get a bit upset when they know their giving their cot up for the "new baby".

for the age gap you will most deffinately need to get another car seat.... although by road laws, it is not compulsory to have a child after one year in a car seat....... so if your first is of good weight and behaves well in the car....... i say buy a booster seat...... they are like half the price of a new car seat...................... but, if you do get another car seat.. dont buy second hand from someone you do not know...... this can be very dangerous........

Did you save all the things from your first??????? i am on my third now and i had given everything away to family that was for Babies.... so i am right back to the begining....... luckly i know alot of people with babies..... the only thing i have brought so far is the Pram....... oh and of course the little clothes that you cant resist but buy:)smile

i hope things work out well...... let us know
Hi Ashleesmum,

I am in the situation you speak of right now... I have an almost 18 month old daughter and am 31+ weeks pregnant with our son (due July 30). I have found so far that we haven't had to buy a lot for baby number 2 in the way of big items... we just moved my daughter to a big bed at 17.5 months, so the cot is now vacant and ready for the new baby. Our daughter is just about to move out of the baby car seat and into a booster seat, so the baby car seat will be ready to go also. Of course this does mean we had to buy a single bed for our daughter and a booster seat too, but even if we didn't have another baby on the way we would still need these things. I have a pram and a stroller, neither of which my keen walking toddler wants to be in... so in that respect I've decided to just keep what I already have for the new baby. I have 2 high chairs already as we were given 2 when my daughter was born - one brand new and one second hand. So we kept both just in case. But it seems that by the time our baby boy is here our daughter will hardly need the high chair as she is already wanting to be a big girl and sit at the table with mum and dad. Most things we had for our daughter we will be able to use for our son... the main thing we have had to buy has been clothes.

So you can see you really won't need 2 of everything... which is something I thought might happen too. It will be a case of as your first born grows out of something it will be there ready for your next born.

I wish you much success in conceiving your second child and don't be too concerned about expenses you will have before bub is here... it is the after expenses that will be bigger, for example if you have 2 in nappies, 2 on formula etc.

Hope this has helped you a little,

Michelle (9 weeks and counting to meet baby number 2!!!)
Hi Ashlee,
Like Maddychelle I have a 17.5 month old and am getting close to due date for the second to arrive. I think most of the things you are looking at depend very much on the stage your toddler is at when the baby arrives. It could be worth putting the money aside and making decisions as to what to buy closer to due date.
We have bought a Pedigree Sport 3 wheel pram with toddler seat as George is not up to long walks yet, and his main objection to the pram is not being able to see out the sides (which the toddler seat will fix). We haven't done anything on the bed front yet as he is quite happy in the cot, and we still have the bassinet from when he arrived. If he is still happy in the cot when his sibling needs it we will have to get a second hand one and new mattress, we have a bed already (mine when I was young, with new mattress), so will cross that bridge when we come to it.
As far as carseats are concerned, we bought an ex-rental capsule from a baby shop that was getting out of the rental business, so George will stay in his up to 18 kg seat for several months. When the new child needs a bigger seat we will either get a booster for George (if he is over 14kg (suggest you check with your local plunket or similar as to regulations in Aussie on this one)). If not big enough will have to get another proper car seat. If getting a capsule I would recommend hiring as they only get used for a short time.

Best of luck for everything

Rachelle - ready to drop any time now (baby due 30.06.04, but I'm ready now!!!!!)

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Hi Ashlee's Mum

I just found out that I'm preggas with my second baby, so my thoughts mirror yours as Jess will probably be 23 mths by the time this one comes into the world.

I've been looking at a tandem pram (not a twin, too hard to fit throught most doors) and a harness, due to the fact that shopping is going to be a pain trying to push a pram and a trolley, but carrying bub around in a harness all the time is going to cause back problem for me and there are times when hubby and I out that the pram will be better.

Also consider a bunk bed that can be split into two singles, there are a lot of lo-line bunks out there so you dont have to worry about buying another bed in 2-3 years time.(leave the ladder off to stop lil one clambering all over it) The top bunk can be used to store items atm too.

A car seat is a must and as the other mums have said DONT get 2nd hand, I whole hearted agree.

Hope this helps smile
Sally W.A.
Mum to Jess 14mths and #2 EDD April 05

Hi Ashlee's mum,

I am pregnant with my third, but my two girls were 12mths apart. When the second baby came along, I moved my first into a bed with a safety rail. I borrowed the safety rail, so I didn't have to buy one.

The only thing that I did buy was a new car seat. We were given a tandem pram by our parents as they thought we would need it. They spent $300 on it and the pram only got used for 3 months. My oldest daughter then decided that walking or hanging on the end of the trolley is a better idea. The only I have invested in since my second daughter arrived is a step/seat that attaches to the front or back of a single pram. They usually sell them at Target etc for about $100 but I brought mine for $30 in the trading post. My oldest daughter loves to stand on that or sometimes seat when her little 2 year old legs get tired.

Hope the suggestions have helped.

Good luck.

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

Thankyou everyone for your replies! You have given me a lot to think about.

Just letting you know that I have just discovered that I am now six weeks pregnant - a little earlier than expected but we are happy all the same.

My first is only 9 months at the moment and only just crawling so I think we will be looking at buying a pram with a toddler seat!

Thanks again everyone.

4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

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