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TTC A specific Gender - GIRL Lock Rss


Listed below are summaries of the most common theories we came across and links to find out more information.


This is probably the most common or well-known technique out there so we will give you more details on using this method. Shettles is based on the scientific evidence that the X (female) sperm are bigger and slower and the Y (male) sperm are smaller and faster. This program is designed to make whatever sperm you are after to get to the egg first.

Timing and environment are key in determining which sperm will make it to the egg. You need to be able to pinpoint Ovulation in order to attempt Shettles, so he highly recommends that you start charting your cycles at least 3 months prior to your attempt. You can get a free charting tool at At the very least, Shettles recommends to keep track of your cervical mucus (CM). OPK’s can also help to pinpoint O but you would want to use them at least twice a day near O so that you can pinpoint the LH surge more accurately. We will divide Shettles into two sections:

Now if you want to conceive a girl then you are cheering for the X sperm to make it to the egg first. In order to push those odds along, you want to follow this advice of Shettles: Once familiar with your chart, you want to BD 4,3, or 2 days BEFORE the suspected day of O. The idea behind this is that the slower female sperm will live longer and therefore make it to the egg over this time period. Shettles recommends that you can BD from the last day of AF every day up to your cutoff day. After the cutoff day, you must abstain from BD until several days after O. Female sperm favor an acidic environment so refer to the Diet section on ways to increase your acidic levels. Shettles no longer recommends the use of vinegar douches so this is optional. The missionary position should be used during BD with shallow penetration so that it is less likely that the sperm will be deposited near the cervix. No female orgasm is allowed.


This method takes a lot of patience and timing. You must chart so that you can pinpoint when O takes place. The idea is 12 hours after O, you want to BD. No ejaculation for DH at least 7 days before attempt according to their theory in order to build up the female sperm count. Since you need to BD after O has taken place so you need to time O very carefully, the use of OPK’s might help in this attempt. For more information regarding the O+12 method check out this link


There are a lot of different takes on the moon theories but most of what we have heard is that in order to determine the gender of your next pregnancy, you want to know what zodiac sign the moon is in during O. Girl signs are: Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, and Scorpio. Boy signs are: Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius. To find out where the moon is during your O you can go to:


These are techniques that involve medical intervention and the separation of the X and Y sperm cells. The most readily available service is the Ericsson method, which is a process where the X and Y sperm are separated through a filtering process. This method is approximately 75% effective. Go to for more information on the Ericsson method. Other methods include Microsort and or for west coast PGD try


Changing your diet can alter the pH level in your body to make the environment better favor either the female X sperm or the male Y sperm. If your goal is to TTC a girl, then you want to create a more acidic environment. If TTC a boy, you want to create an alkaline environment. It is highly recommended that you consult a doctor before altering your diet. To see any results you should start changing your diet around 6 weeks before TTC. The following breakdown has been taken from several different websites that are listed in the links section.


You basically want to increase calcium and magnesium while decreasing potassium and sodium in your diet.

Daily recommended supplements:

Calcium: 800mg
Magnesium: 300mg
Vitamin D

Daily fluid intake:

Must be 2-2.5 liters (8-10 glasses). Very important for calcium absorption.

Drink 750ml per day (full cream, skim etc.). Include 2 milk products like yogurt and milk pudding each day.

Eggs and Cheese:
Allowed, but do not introduce forbidden foods (e.g. cheese omelet).
Unsalted butter, unsalted soft cheese.

Parmesan cheese, one dessertspoon max twice a week.
Small servings of cottage cheese.

Mineral water:
Evian, Perrier.

Meat – max 130g per day:
Lamb, Beef, Pork, Chicken or Fish. Fish should be cooked in a bouillon (water base or a little wine and herbs) in order to reduce the salt content.

Limited amount of potatoes. Fresh or frozen carrots, green beans, turnips, onions, leeks, peas, cucumber, radishes, peppers, celery.

Fresh, frozen or tinned apples, pears, clementines, strawberries, raspberries.
Tinned only pineapples, plums and peaches, all without syrup.
Jam once daily.

Must be low salt (less than 1% content). Salt-free crispbread
or crackers.

Permitted without restriction, providing forbidden ingredients are not involved in the preparation.

Brown or white rice allowed.

Semolina, tapioca, cornflour, puffed rice.


Unsalted walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and peanuts.
Sugar and honey

Forbidden while trying for a girl:
Salt and salt substitute. All salted or smoked foods, including salty cheeses.
Coffee, tea, tinned fruit juice, fizzy drinks.

Wine, beer, cider, liqueurs.
All meat and fish, except for daily allowance above.

White bread, pastries and biscuits, unless salt-free.
Sweet corn, popcorn, parsley, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, mushrooms, courgettes, endive, avocados, fennel, raw tomatoes, Soya beans, dried peas and beans.
All fresh fruit except those listed above as allowed; dried fruit. Chocolates and sweets.
Bicarbonate of soda and all prepared sauces.

To dry up CM, Sudafed may be taken up to 6 hours prior to BD. Cranberry tablets will create an acidic environment. These can be taken as little as the week prior to TTC. Take 1600-2000 mg per day. Cranberry juice can also be taken. Drink 3-8oz glasses a day but beware of the calories. The juice also has extra potassium that should be avoided when TTC a girl. Vinegar douche can be used to make the environment more acidic. Mix 1 liter of water with 2 tbl of vinegar. Let sit for 10 minutes before using. Consult your DR prior to using any type of douche.

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