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TTC A Specific Gender - BOY Lock Rss



Listed below are summaries of the most common theories we came across and links to find out more information.


This is probably the most common or well-known technique out there so we will give you more details on using this method. Shettles is based on the scientific evidence that the X (female) sperm are bigger and slower and the Y (male) sperm are smaller and faster. This program is designed to make whatever sperm you are after to get to the egg first.

Timing and environment are key in determining which sperm will make it to the egg. You need to be able to pinpoint Ovulation in order to attempt Shettles, so he highly recommends that you start charting your cycles at least 3 months prior to your attempt. You can get a free charting tool at At the very least, Shettles recommends to keep track of your cervical mucus (CM). OPK’s can also help to pinpoint O but you would want to use them at least twice a day near O so that you can pinpoint the LH surge more accurately. We will divide Shettles into two sections:

If you want to conceive a boy then you are cheering for the Y sperm to make it to the egg first. In order to push the odds and help that sperm along, you want to follow this advice of Shettles: Once familiar with your chart, you want to attempt BD on the day your temp dip is observed (if you are confident that this is the dip) or on the following morning after the dip has been confirmed and the temp rise observed. In either case, you want to BD during a 24-hour period, which marks the day of ovulation. The best chances for conceiving a boy are in the 12 hours before O occurs. But you still have a significantly high chance for that boy when BD occurs within 24 hours of O. If you are familiar with your CM you are looking for CMEW (clear, watery and the consistency of raw egg white). Abstain from BD at least 4 days prior to attempt to build up sperm count. Only BD 1 time on the suspected O day. Then use condoms at least for the 3 days after O has taken place. Have DH wear boxers to keep things “cool”. Have DH drink a couple cups of coffee 15 to 30 min prior to BD. Boy sperm favor an alkaline female environment. Shettles highly recommends that the woman has an orgasm to increase the alkaline secretions to favor the boy sperm. It is best to have it prior to DH having his so that it is ready to grab all those spermies. For more information on increasing your alkalinity, please refer to the Diet section. Shettles no longer recommends the use of baking soda douches, they are optional. Position should be from the rear with deep penetration in order to deposit the sperm the closest to the cervix.


Dr. Jonas believes that each woman has a predetermined physiological cycle that determines the gender for your pregnancies. This cycle is not based on your natural O but on spontaneous O. According to Dr. Jonas, each woman has a highly fertile time of the month during a 3-day period that biological tension builds up in the woman’s nervous and hormonal systems, which in the event of sexual intercourse triggers the release of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) from the anterior pituitary gland and the LH. LH then triggers ovulation and helps prepare the lining of the endometrium for implantation. LH heralds the release of the egg, leads to the rupture of the follicle and thus conception. A combination of the effect of light on the pituitary gland, the cosmic radiation on the nervous state, and the trigger effect of sexual intercourse could bring about the spontaneous release of an egg. To get your own Jonas chart and more information, you can go to their Website at Or


There are a lot of different takes on the moon theories but most of what we have heard is that in order to determine the gender of your next pregnancy, you want to know what zodiac sign the moon is in during O. Girl signs are: Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, and Scorpio. Boy signs are: Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius. To find out where the moon is during your O you can go to:


These are techniques that involve medical intervention and the separation of the X and Y sperm cells. The most readily available service is the Ericsson method, which is a process where the X and Y sperm are separated through a filtering process. This method is approximately 75% effective. Go to for more information on the Ericsson method. Other methods include Microsort and or for west coast PGD try


You want to increase sodium and potassium while decreasing magnesium and calcium in your diet.

Daily recommended supplements:
Chlorvescent or Slow K tablets (One tablet to be taken twice daily, morning and evening).
Potassium supplements (200mg per day).

Tea and coffee:
As desired (high in potassium).

Fruit juice:

500ml per day. Must be 100% pure fruit juice. Do not drink fruit-based drinks, as the mineral content is lower. Fruit cordial occasionally.

Mineral water:
500ml per day.
Hepburn Spa and Schweppes are the only permitted brands.

Soft drinks:
Coca Cola, lemonade, tonic water etc as desired (high in sodium and potassium).

Wine-300ml max perday.
Beer and cider as desired.

Soybean beverage substitute can be used in cooking only. Milk free puddings and sauces.

Butter and margarine:
Salted butter, moderate amount only.
Margarine allowed.

Whites only. Best to avoid but may be used in cooking. Do not use more than twice a week.

Unrestricted. White and wholemeal allowed. Wholemeal bread is richer in mineral salts, especially potassium, and it also contains phytic acid, which lowers the amount of calcium absorbed by the intestine.
Fruit loaf.

Unrestricted fresh or pre-cooked. Ideal food, grilled or roasted preferred.
Beef, lamb, pork, veal, chicken and turkey are all allowed.
Liver and kidneys are particularly high in sodium and potassium.

Most vegetables.

All fresh fruit, particularly bananas and fresh pineapple. Dried prunes, raisins, figs, apricots. Fruit jellies, sorbets.

Small goods:
Unrestricted. Must be included once a day. These include: Ham, salami, cabana, pastrami, chicken roll, sausages, liverwurst etc.

Forbidden while trying for a boy:
Milk in any form (butter, cheese, yogurt).
Shellfish, mussels, etc.
Wholemeal bread.


To increase CM to favour a boy environment, you can take 2 tsp 3 times a day of plain Robitussin from the day your AF stops until 2 days after O. This will loosen up your CM. Green tea will also loosen your CM. 2-3 cups a day also starting the day your AF is over. This may be taken in tablet form. EPO-Evening Primrose Oil will create more cm. 2 capsules per day from the day your AF stops until you BD. Yellow grapefruit juice will increase CM. Drink 3 glasses a day from the day your AF stops. Have DH drink very strong coffee 30 mins before BD. Baking soda douche will favour boy sperm. Mix 1 litre of water with 1 tbl of baking soda. Let sit for 10 minutes before use. Consult your DR prior to us
Is the diet for the mother to be or the father to be. I have read many articles on this and some people give food ideas for the father to eat?

karla, QLD, 2yo and 9mth girls

Hi there Jane, i was wondering if you know what foods i should eat if i want a girl?

As i will be trying to get pregnant in about 5months.

Thanks Kylie smile

Kylie ~ DS 7yrs, DD 4th Oct 05, DD 18th Sept 06

Hi Kylie, If you go to the 3rd page of this post you will find 2 other post by Jane re having a girl. I hope this helps.
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