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How to conceive in 3 months Lock Rss


What you should take: Folic Acid, a Multi-Vitamin, Prenatal Efanatal and Zinc 50. Also have 1 tablespoon of “flaxseed oil” either on its own, or in yogurt. (this ensures your cycle is perfect) per day.

What your partner should take: a Mulit-Vitamin and Zinc 50.

Include in your diet: Tea (approx 2 cups per day), A lot of liquid fats (outlined below), eggs, fruit and vegetables. See below for more information.

Limit in your diet: White breads and pasta, No coffee, drink only skim milk and not in excessive amounts. Use all breads & carbohydrates sparingly as they tend to cause excess insulin/excess fat storage if eaten too often.

Use the “palm” method as an approximation.

1 PALM : Protein – thickness and size of the palm of your hand is about the same volume as the amount of protein per meal. For snacks use about 1\3 – 1\2 of your palm for protein.
Sources of Protein: Whey/Soy protein shakes, chicken breasts, eggs, lean beef and lamb, low fat cheese (ricotta, cottage), turkey breasts, tofu, fish (salmon, tuna), nuts (almonds, brazil, cashews mixed together are a great snack), also high protein/low carbs bars are an ideal snack.

2 PALMS: Carbohydrate – use the same method as above, except have 2 palms of good carbs or one palm of poor carbs. Good carbs are higher in fibre, lower in total carbohydrate and low glycaemic. Which means they won’t increase blood sugar/insulin levels dramatically.
Sources of Carbohydrates: Vegetables, sprouts, fruit and grains.
Poor choice carbs (only one palm each) – Breads, rice (use only brown rice, basmati or aborio), wholemeal pasta, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, oatmeal and bread types listed above.

FATS: use 1-2 teaspoons of “liquid fat”, or 1-2 tablespoons of “solid fat” per meal.
Sources of fat: Almond butter, nuts, avocadoes, tahini, olives, olive oil, flaxseed oil and fish oils.

Suggestion for Daily diet:

B/fast: *egg on toast
*baked beans on toast
*ham,cheese and tomato toasted
*bacon and eggs (treat)

M/Tea *yogurt (plain) fortified with a scoop of protein powder and strawberries.
A/Tea *apples and nuts

Lunch *Chicken and salad
*Tuna and salad
*Any sort of protein source and salad

Dinner *Trim meat/fish or vegetarian protein source with steamed veggies or salad.

Following this diet and vitamin intake, it should take no more than 3 months to conceive. If after four months, you have not conceived, the following will almost double your chances:


Take “Liverim (herbs of gold)” – course of 30 days
Take “Vitex (GNC) 2 capsules between 6-8am course of 2 months daily or from Cycle day 14 – Period.

Jane that is fantasic information. Another thing to help women with an irregular cycle is the mini microscope bought from chemists called a 'Maybe Baby'. You put some saliva on it in the morning as soon as you wake up and before you have anything to eat or drink. When the saliva dries you look at it through this microscope with light. If the saliva has formed a spotty pattern the woman is not ovulating, if the saliva has a fern like pattern the woman is. I have an irregular cycle and this took alot of the guess work out of the equation. We wanted to fall pregnant in May last year and after following a 5 month plan similar to what you have outlined above this "maybe baby" put the icing on the cake. It was $70 but we got pregnant in May and now have a gorgeous 5 1/2 month boy. It is small enough to fit in your purse.


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