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Choroid Plexus Cyst Lock Rss

My ultra sound revealed a cyst on the babies brain that all the people involved (doctor/midwife etc) said was actually a common thing and can be found on the babies brain or heart .........

i have been told not to worry about it and that we will do another ultrasound at 31-32 weeks to make sure that the cyst has gone away.....

Has anyone else had this problem???????????
My best friend had this problem during her second pregnancy. Her baby had a cysts on both sides of his brain. They did regular ultrasounds to monitor and everything turned out OK. Her son is now about 6 months old and he's as healthy as any other beautiful little baby. Try not to worry - I know it's hard.

All the best
I knew with all 8 of my pregnancies. Burping is the dead giveaway that I'm pregnant, without a fail, every single time, if I start burping around the time I'm due - then I'm knocked up. However this may not be a good thing considering, I'm yet to hold a living breathing bubba in my arms. Maybe the time I DON'T know I'm knocked up and then later find out I am will deliver me a viable pregnancy, who knows, I don't anymore.
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