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TTC JAN 09 Lock Rss

hi everybody!!

yes i know i'm getting in early but hey, i'm excited LOL!!

mum to 2 sons and 2 step sons we are going to start TTC in jan for a darling little pink one (try is the key word!!)

soooo....anyone else?
yup me, was gonna be trying now but we have since decided to wait until after chrissy

DD - 27/08/07 DS - 5/01/10

yep me too!i am very excited aswell, ive been wanting to try for ages and im so happy we have finally chosen the time!weare overseas at the moment but get back to nz jan4th which is when we will start.where are you ladies from?

Hi everyone!

Ooohhhh Im so excited that a ttc January thread has started! I've been watching/reading the planning for preg forums for months now as DH and I had always had it in mind that we wanted to start ttc bub #2 early next year. We always thought it would be around March/April, but just last week DH said 'I think we should start trying around new years' it looks like it might be Jan 1st 2009 00:01am lol. We have a DS who will be 15 months old in Jan - ideally we'd like somewhere between a 2 - 2.5yr age gap between babies. Finger x! I don't mind what we have, in the past before having DS I maybe would have said a after a son I would LOOOVVVVEEEEE another boy. So either way,w e'll be stoked!

Look forward to getting to know some of you ladies over the coming months!


Hi everyone

I tried to start a thread but nobody responded oh well boo hoo! lol
Anyway My hubby works away and we have a almost 2 yr old lil lady who keeps us busy, we would love to try for another in jan 09. It will be a nice almost 3 yr gap and i have enjoyed spending that quality ono on one time with my daughter and I think she is really hanging out for a playmate!

take care ladies and look forward to getting to know everyone


mummy to dd 20/11/2006, dd18/02/2010

wow i can't believe the number of responses already!!

babybaby!! 4th of Jan is a very good day to start, our youngest will be turning one that day! LOL

and Carla i know about boys, they are a lot easier than girls but after this many it would be nice to have a little pink one, we will be using the shettles method and working with the chinese gender chart but if it doesn't happen another boy will easily slot in with the rest of the mob!

and would be a lot cheaper too, DF and the credit card will love me if it is another boy..LOL

Patty - a 3 year age gap is wonderful! between my 2 boys there is a 3 year gap, but if we do happen to fall pregnant straight away there will be a 21 month gap so we shall see how that goes!!

till next time
hi girls, we have been TTC #2 since June this year, this is our 5th cycle cause mine are pretty long about 33-38 days. Last month i don't even think i ov'd as my temps were about 36.3 and only ever went up to 36.8 for a couple of days and then straight back down again.

I have just secured a teaching position and it will be my first year out of uni so now i have decided i want to stop actively TTC for now, just a couple of months and start again in JAN because then i will get most of the school year under my belt. Ideally i would love to concieve in about april and be due at the end of the year then when i go back to teaching i will be up a whole pay level.
Hey ladies

thought i would boost our thread up..heheh
how has everyones week been? mine has been same old same old
have been trying to toilet train alicia for a couple of weeks now (no full on) and she is doing great and doing wee's in the toilet but also in her nappies!
My aim is for her to be in lil knickers by xmas lol!
Does anyone work part time? I do I work just 2 -3 days per week as it can get very lonely when hubby is away... not to mention the fact that I enjoy working too!

well hope everyone is keeping well and loom forward to hearing a bit more about everyone. smile and its soo hard not being clucky when everyone around you seems to be preggo! haha


mummy to dd 20/11/2006, dd18/02/2010

Hi everyone

Patty - i know what you mean. I have a couple friends that just had babies so when I see their lil bundles I get clucky. I also find that I get excited reading the ttc forums & can't wait til i'm actually trying, waiting to Ov and test etc.

Anyway I'm very excited as I'm going to the Pink concert next June here in Brissy! Can't wait! I went last year with DH and I was 4 months preggers with DS then. So hopefully I can keep the trend going and will preggers by June next year and take my next 'bub' to see Pink hehe.

Not long til Jan!! My biggest concern is that my cycle is all over the place and has been since I stopped BF my DS 5 months ago. I wouldn't normally cmplain of 50 day cycles but I hope it sorts itself out by Jan! Anyone have any tips on regulating ones mentsrual cycle?

Hope you're all well!
Carla xo

Hi All,
I will be TTC in Jan too. Im 25 and DH is 25 and together we have a 20mth old DD.
Unfortunatly we m/c last week at 5 weeks so decided to wait a couple of cycles before TTC again. We also m/c at 14 weeks in June this year and at 10 weeks before DD. Im hoping and praying with all my stregnth we get a healthy baby next year to add to our little family. Im very sad about m/c's but TTC again gives me hope so im very excited.
Looking forward to sharing this journey with you all.
Hi ReadyForANotherBub, so sorry to hear about m/c's, such awful news. We're all here for each other and will be on this journey together come Jan! Hoping we all get quick BFP's and have healthy pregnancies and bubbies - would be such a wonderful way to begin 2009! I've just been reading some of the ttc/pregnancy thread on this sire as well as some ther sites...shouldn't do it cos I get myself so exicted!!

Hope everyone is well - 8 weeks til Jan woot woot!!

Carla x

hi girls,
Readyforanotherbub i'm so sorry to hear about your MC, I saw your post in TTC whn you got a BFP. How are you doing? Its good to see you on here and getting ready to try again.

So i spoke to DH and we agree that waiting a few months is for the best financially. It just kind of sucks that i want this so badly but know it would be smarter to wait sad
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