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TTC JAN 09 Lock Rss

I hate waiting around aswell for january.. but Alicia's 2nd b'day is in 2 weeks and am planning a mini bbq.
How many children does everyone plan on having (hehe in aperfect world!)
Ideally we would like to have 3 children and I dont mind what the next 2 will be as long as they are healthy smile breaks my heart to read what you have gone through and would never wish that upon anyone.
As women we put ourselves through so much and in life we experience so many emotions. We just all have to remember that families, love and support will get us through.

much love

mummy to dd 20/11/2006, dd18/02/2010

Patty - we're unsure yet if we'd like to have 2 or 3 kids. I think I'll probably want 3 whereas DH would probably be hapy to settle with 2....soooo, it'll probably be 3 that we have hahaha!! I don't mind what genders, I aready have a DS & I'll be happy as a pig in mud if I have 2 more boys, I've never really cared about having a particular gender, I just want healthy babies.

I would love a boy and a girl,I have my boy already so in a perfect world o would have a girl next. If not then i will definately try for three children. If the third turns out to be a boy as well then i guess you can't argue with fate smile
yay weekend. We are moving house in two weeks, quite a bit further away from friends and family than we are now, so today i'm taking my mum to see the house and show her around the area. Esspecially the shops, as she judges an area by the resources locally available smile Wierd i know but it does kind of make sense.

Well DH and i have used condoms this cycle, ewwww i hate them and so does he. But after TTCfor four months i'm not prepared to stuf up my body and go back on the pill just for a couple of months.

Has anyone else gone of the pill yet to prepare to TTC in Jan?
Thankyou to everyone for their kind words regarding my m/c's. Dr did chromosone tests on HD and i to see if we are compatable and try to get a reason for all the m/c but the results came back normal for everything which im thrilled about. However blood tests revealed I have Cardiolipin antibodies in my system which is basically an over active immune system that thinks a growing baby is an intruder and attacks it, so as soon as i think i may be pregnant i need to see my ob/gyn and start medication to supress my immune system. It doesn't sound nice but if it helps me carry a baby to term ill do it, lol.

Who has started taking prepregnancy vitimins?? Or folic acid?? We should be starting that about now right?

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Hi ladies, how's everyone going?
ReadyForAnotherbub - So sorry to hear of your troubles, but it's a positive that you at least know the reasons for your previous m/c and hopefully now can do something to prevent this happening again!

I've just started taking folic acid today! I'm also taking a vitamin called Vitex to help regulate my cycle, since I stopped breast feeding DS 6 months ago it's all over the place, so hopefully it'll help get my body a little normal. I visited my best friend and her 9 weeks old baby girl yesterday - it was the 1st time I actually got really clucky lol, made me very excited about ttc again in Jan - not long to go girls!!

hey everyone smile

Am pooped from work today but it was a great shift in and out 12-4pm.

Haha the pill is something that i dont take although I am and always have been into my vitamins and have been taking the blackmores preggo one for about a month now and added folic acid to my list of supplements I take which are zinc, epo, preggo ones, folic acid and fish oil.

enjoy the rest of your weekends ladies

mummy to dd 20/11/2006, dd18/02/2010

Just got some elevit and just deciding if i want to try this cycle or the next!

DD - 27/08/07 DS - 5/01/10

Lozwatts - I didn't actually go back on the pill after DS was born. He was born Oct last year and I breast fed til May this year. I thought about going back on the pill but we had decided that we'd start trying again early - mid next year so we just decided to use condoms (even though they're so annoying...but hey, at least there's no mess to clean up hehe!). Kind of worked out though cos my cycle is so messed up, hopefully it'll sort itself out within the next few months!

I have been taking folic acid for the past five months as we had been TTC for that long. But in the meantime i got a full time teaching cintract for next year, hence the decision to wait now and start trying again in January.

But i am intersted in taking Vitex, as my cycles are very long like 33-39 days usually and i have lots of symptoms, like very very sore boobs and back and cramps, which i had none of before having DS#1 so i think my horemones are totally out of whack.

Who said thay were taking Vitex? How did you find out about it? I'm just curious to find some more info on it.
I'm taking Vitex. I just strated taking it a week ago and someone mentioned it to me on another ttc forum. I went to the chemist and asked about it and it's used for a few different things - assisting fertility, regulating the menstrual cycle, relief of pms. My cycles are also very long about 48-55days apart since I stopped breast feeding back in May. Before I fell pregnant with DS my cycle was about 33 days every month, so that was regular for me. Vitex comes in liquid and capsule form. I take it in capsule form, the dosage on the bottle says you can take 1-2 capsules before brakfast. I just wasn't sure about any side effects so decided to just take 1 a day. It can also take 2-3 months before it starts to take effect, hopefuly it'll help straighten my body out for me!

Hi Everyone !!

My name is Tara and DS is nearly 17mths old. We were going to start trying in Dec, but will prob wait till Jan. We will be building in NY and if it wasn't for that I wouldn't be postponing!!

We fell pregnant first time with DS, didn't think it would happen because I had endo and also Dr had found out I didn't ovulate. After laproscopy (which burnt my endo, so should no longer have it) I started ov naturally.

I went to Dr last cycle to get tested to make sure everything ok, and Dr said it was unlikley I ov...I am a bit distressed. Seeing Dr on the 19th to check this cycle. He has said if I don't I will have to take a pill...If I did ov, he won't worry about anything.....

DH only wants 1 more bub, I would like 2 more...I really want another boy, then a girl (obviously happy regardless) but DH said if girl next then we stop....

Anyhoo, enough from me. Looking forward to sharing this journey....Can't wait !!!

Tara and Jayden

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