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hi everyone,
hey Jude, Iam really looking forward to christmas and new years as well as now i will be stocking up on my favourite wines. I was preg over christmas and new years with DS#1 and although i'm not a big drinker it was a bit of a holiday spirit downer when hanging out with friends at events.

Carla, my DS is being sooo fussy and naughty. Pushing buttons on the stereo and tv and going up to the oven door to open it. If i tell him off he jusrt laughs at me. Its getting very frustrating and actually makes me glad we have decided to wait those extra couple of months.
Hi everyone, how are you all?is it starting to get warmer on that side of the world?we're in england and its freezing!cant wait toget back to nz in jan!
i was looking at all the preg supplements in the supermarket yesterday and there were so many i didnt know which to get.Do you need to get folic acid and then another one with all the other vitamins in etc (im not the best eater with my veggies lol, i much prefer chocolate), or is there one that has enough folic acid in aswell as the other vitamins?im not sure of the correct amount of folic acid needed?
have any of you come off your form of contraception yet or will you do that in jan?i have 1 more packet of the pill left so will take that one and then not get anymore.
Toni xoxox

Hi Toni,

The weather is fab in NZ at the moment,we just got back from Ireland a month ago and there is a big difference in the temp!You must be so excited to get back to NZ!
I am taking folic acid but will get a pregnancy supplement over here called elevit,I used it with previous pregnancy and found easy to swallow(hate big supplement tablets!!)and they have everything in them thats required for conception,but am sure any supplement that is specifically for pre conception/pregnancy would be good,they usually contain everything you need.Yet I am no professional when it comes to these things,maybe ask your pharmacist just incase.
I was going to stop my pill this month to give me time to adjust for Jan,as like you I have 1 packet left so will take that then leave it.
Hope this helps and good luck!

Jude NZ
Hi Girls,
Gee it has been busy in here. I am taking Blackmores Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Gold Multivitamins. I had them left over from my last pregnancy. I have to giggle when some of you talk about your toddlers. I am going through the same thing at the moment. My youngest two are 1.2yrs & 2.2yrs. Boy do they keep me busy. They get into everything, especially the 2.2yr old. He gets into all the cupboards. He uses things like the highchair or the stool to climb up and get things he shouldn't be getting. If he isn't getting into things then he is tormenting his younger brother. Just as well he has an older brother who torments him from time to time, haha. I am hoping my DH has had a good day at work today because I want to talk to him about having another baby. Or should I say, convince him to have another baby, hehe. Wish me luck gasp)

Hi ladies

Feeling so tired today! DS has been waking up at 5am the last few mornings, so I'm feeling a bit zombie-like at the moment. He has 2, maybe 3, new teeth cutting through and he's been a fussy lil chap- so tiring and frustrating because he only wants me right now. Getting a bit scared at the thought of ttc another baby in Jan as DS is still such a handful (in the nicest possible way of course). He's a beautiful boy but has not been a 'good' baby. I guess we'll just re-assess in Jan and see how he's going, otherwise we may hold off a few more months til about April, when he's 18 mths old. He's got to start sleeping through soon, right? Right??? I never thought we'd still have sleep issues at 13 months old. He goes to sleep fine, without any hassles and quite quickly in his cot..he just doesn't know how to stay asleep!! Aaahhhh...babies....

Hope everyone's feeling well and a bit more lively than me today!!

Hi Carla,
I totally understand what you are saying. My youngest DS has been waking up every morning recently between 5 - 5.30. Why, I do not know? Both of my youngest DS's still wake up through the night periodically. Could be teething, change of weather, noises in the night, etc. It does get very tiring at times. Honestly I don't think it will make any difference if you wait another 2-3 months but that is totally up to you. My little terrors are often up late at night which is my fault of course, I never got them into a set routine of going to bed at a certain time. Majority of the time they are asleep by 9 - 9.30pm. Having said that, DS#2 doesn't wake up until 7.30 - 8 which suits me just fine. I don't go to bed early anyway so it doesn't really bother me. Oh the joys hey !!

Hi Jude, thanks for that info,i will ask the pharmacist when i next go, i never thought to do that duh
yea im really looking forward to getting back to nz, travelling has made me realise how great nz is!
take care,


Boycentral you must be super busy having 2 lil ones a year apart!
If all goes well with ttc in jan my Bub Alicia (who turns 2 next week) will be almost 3. to me that is a good gap as I am on my own most of the time (hubby works away)

my weekends have been real busy and i think we have parties (for kiddies) on every weekend up until xmas!

whats everyone doing this xmas? does anyone has any nice recipes for home baked goodies? yummy! I love xmas

take care ladies

mummy to dd 20/11/2006, dd18/02/2010

Hi Patty,
I was thinking of making Christmas shortbread this year. Never made it before so I don't have a recipe yet. I think mum mentioned that she makes it so I might see if she has a good recipe. I love Christmas as well. I have started stocking up on food already. Everytime I see something on special I grab it. The other day I bought 5 x 2L bottles of coke for $10. Dorito's are on special at the moment for $1.79, hehe, I am a bit of a bargain hunter.
I think a 3 year age gap is nice, especially being on your own most of the time. My boys do keep me busy but I wouldn't have it any other way gasp)

hi girls i hope you don't mind me joining?

my name is cindy and i am 25 and my dh is 27 and we have been married for 2 and a half years and we have a 2 and a half year old dd who we love very much and and we also have an angel baby jayson who we lost just a month ago to spina bifida in my pregnancy but we see a specialest in dec to get the go ahead to ttc for jan so in a way i can't wait in another i am scared shit less is the best way to put it. oh well we will get there.

i will be in later to read the rest of the thread as my dd is now calling me to play some more

Hi Cindy and welcome to the thread. You would remember me as 4th Time Lucky or Secondtimeround. Hahaha I have changed my username a couple of times. As I have said before, I am so very sorry for your loss. I look forward to going through the TTC journey with you. We have decided to TTC No. 4, YAY!
Kathy x x

Hi Cindy and welcome. im sorry to hear of your loss and i know everything will be fine this time.
i started taking the pronatal supplements today, i feel like its kind of official now!I found one in the chemist that also has pills for the men to take, he thinks its funny, i keep making comments about him making good sperm now every day we take one pill each, mine is pink his is blue.i got 3 packs cos it was buy2 get 1 free so that will last us a few months.have any of you girls got your men taking pills too?
how was everyones weekends?we didnt do much,hubby played rugby i did a bit of xmas shopping.i love xmas!and been in england where its cold makes it seem even better!i bought hubby a new wedding ring cos he lost his when he was swimming in the sea in san diego, we're a bit strapped for cash over here so thats all hes getting lol.
ok well that was a long post, i must be bored lol
take care everyone, not long til jan now!

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