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TTC JAN 09 Lock Rss

Hello everyone.
Well we are moving this saturday, DS is staying with MIL fri,sat and sun nights so we an get it all done. I'm really worried about him adjusting to the new place. Has anyone moved thier child since they were old enough to recognise their room?

Toni, i'm going to get my man on menevit it the male form of elevit preconception vitamins for women. It especially formulated to get their swimmers in top condition. I think he could use it as according to his BMI he is obese. Thats a bit funny cause he doesn't look that big but all his weight is in the gut. I think the BMI stuf is a bit stupid actually cause acording to my BMI 37 i am obese too. But i'm 171 cm 112kg and still a size 14. Do you think it makes much difference to TTC? I'm trying to get back down to 100kg by Jan. And then hopefully loose another 10 before i get preg.
Hi Girls,
I have made an appointment with my GP. I am having my Implanon removed on the 9th December. I am hoping my cycle will go back to normal soon so we can start TTC !!

Hey Girls
I'm joining from the TTC Nov 08. Af turned up Saturday and I've just put DH on the plane to go back to work for 6 weeks.
I'm sorry to say that I recognise a couple of you from previous threads!!! hahahaha I was hoping that you were all newbies and there were heaps of BFPs!!!
take care ladies
Hi Girls,
I'm Joining you girls, I didn't OV last cycle. The doc won't give me anything to help me OV just yet since I'm still BF. So it's just a waiting game so I've decided to focus on making sure that I'm 100% healthy. So I'm not going back to the doc until jan 09.

So a bit about me I'm Em 28 hubby's 28 we've been married 2 years and have a DS Aiden who's just turned one. We've been ttc for 5mths. Same as Tonee I reconise a few of you from previous threads!
Hope all is well and bring on Jan 09.

Hi Loz,
ive heard that BMI shouldnt even be used anymore in the medical profession cos its not realistic.It shows people to be obese when theyre not, for example most of the All Blacks are considered obese using BMI because it only takes into account measurements!One of my friends who is considered 'obese' using BMI is the fittest person i know, she does triathalons and the lot.i think as long as youre healthy enough, eat well and do some exercise you have nothing to worry about.I go to the gym 3-4 times a week because i want to be in good shape for when i do get pregnant, so that the birth is easier (or so ive heard)and then hopefully will get my body back quicker!
How is the moving going?got everything packed up yet?

Hi all!
Thought I would check in as its been a few days!I did a 17km fun run on Saturday and was wrecked for a few days!It was my first one but pretty addictive!Plan to do another in 3 weeks,hope I don't back out last minute lol!Found walking and running the best way to lose weight and its some 'me' time!
Toni I didn't know that there were supplements for men,I'll be getting some of them for hubby,he'll feel part of the whole preparation process!!!
Someone in the thread mentioned did they ever change their child into another room/bed when they were aware of what was going on,I did with my dd,a couple of months ago when we returned from Ireland and she was unsettled for a few weeks but now she is no problem at bedtimes.I just ensured that I did the same thing every night and played the same music and once everything was familar she setled down,hope that helps.

I know this is really early to mention it but I am stuck for names!I knew what I loved for dd,but I haven't a clue,there is nothing that I totally love....yet!Anyway its only early days,really early days!Any suggestions,actually I love Noah for a boy but my husbands brothers son is called Noah,bummer!I am Irish and one of my friends thought I should go with an Irish name but I am not crazy about any.

Well hope you are all taking your supplements and feeling well!

Hi everyone
How are you all going?
Jude - oh my god, that's fantastic about the fun run!! I always think to myself thay running would be such a good way to lose a couple kilos...but I hate running lol. Do you run outside or on a treadmill. I can never get the motivation to do it!
I'm already thinking of baby names too. There's so many nice, lovely names but t's harding trying to pick the perfect name. As for Irish names, I can think of a couple (I was a child care worker before having DS so have come across a lot of names!) Some that I can remember are:
BOYS: Declan, Sean, Finn/Flynn, Corbin, Connor, Liam, Rowan, Riley Aidan, Cian, Kellan, Eammon
GIRLS: Erin, Teagan, Alana, Caitlin, Ciara.

That's all I got as far as Irish names!

Hey guys...its been awhile since i have been on here and i am overwhelmed with the response already! 3 pages!!

i have just started tupperware so orgainising my first parties have been a hassle and we have had a few drama's with Zander our youngest but its sort of calming down now!

i have been busy getting my DF eating lots and lots of dairy and practising our positions to get our girl and getting the tempreature thing going to find out when i ovulate but it doesn't seem to be working much so i will have to go out and get some ovulation strips i think!!

DF and I have been discussing names as IF if!! we have a boy were are totally stumped as we have named 4 already and we are out! so suggestions are being tossed around in the air but we have our girls name picked out.

But nothing will be said until bubs is born as my names tend to get stolen (it happens every time), but we do like the unusual names!


[Edited on 19/11/2008]

and again!

[Edited on 19/11/2008]
mummk24 - i know what you mean. When I was pregnant with DS a lot of the names I liked got used. My older sister in particular was pregnant before me and she had previously mentioned that she didn't like the name that I wanted to use for a boy if I'd ever had one. Sure enough when it was near the end of her pregnancy her and her hubby still couldn't agree on a name for their son. I was 4 mths behind in my pregnancy. Out of the blue she said that they were going to call their son the name I had picked for mine, a name that I'd had picked for a few years and she also knew about. I was so upset. In the end she didn't use it because she knew oit was wrong, but it wasn't for quite some time. It put a real dampener on the name for me though so we didn't use it. After I named my son Kyan, she told me that she didn't really like that 'other' name anyway. If we have another son, that name wil be used. She's not all that close to me as she grew up with her dad, she's also 12 yrs older then. I couldn't ever imagine using a name for my child when I knew that someone else I knew wanted that particular name. Just seems rude. So our names are kept in secret til the big day too!

Hi Girls,
Names are hard to pick DH and I had no probs picking out boys names but girls names we struggled with we just couldn't agree so luckly DS was a boy. We had 3 boys names picked and when DS arrived he just looked like an Aiden.
We've started talking about names especially girls name cause we still can't agree on any I like Makayla or Olivia and DH likes Alexandra. But we can agree I think we'll keep them secret as my SIL and close friend are pregnant so don't want to give them any ideas.
Carla81 - that would have been so hard I'm glad your sister didn't use the name and your right it is so rude to use another persons particular name.
Hope all is well.

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