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TTC JAN 09 Lock Rss

hi Everyone.
Tonee and Em welcome to Jan, unfortunately i do recognise you two. Tonee I don't know how you do it having DH away so much.

Toni- The packing is nuts, nearly finished except for the few things we will need between now and sat. I HATE MOVING.

Jude- it was me who asked about moving your bubs from their room. Thanks for the reply. I know he will be a bit wierded out for a while but its good to know they do get used to it.
oops i forgot,
The names i like are

BOY - Christopher, Thomas, Andrew
GIRLS - Samantha, Elle, Mylie
Thanks for the names,I love Elle too but our surname is Campbell!Wanted your opinion,what do you think of the names Luca for a boy or Shai(pronounced shy)...I heard it last night on tv,when I looked it up it said its irish,I never heard anyone from Ireland called that name but it is taken from the name Shea(pronounced Shay,now I have heard that name and it means 'gift'.Have a girls name agreed with dh,talk about putting the cart before the horse,we need to make a baby first!!
I know I shouldn't be mentioning names so early into it all and won't mention it again!lol but am too excited!
On another subject,I was at playgroup during the week with dd of 18 months,at the mo she is going through stage of hitting other children when they fighting over toys/books etc.I always correct her,tell her its naughty etc,and it has improved hugely over the last few weeks.Well she was playing with another little girl and I was watching from afar when she hits the other girl,I briskly walk over to nip it in the bud,when the mother of the other girl comes racing over to them grabs her hand and starts telling my daughter off,pointing her finger at her etc!My daughter gets a fright and starts crying,and then she starts telling me that my daughter needs to be told that hitting is naughty and that it is not allowed or will continue to do it!I was thinking is this woman a sandwich short of a picnic,I was well aware of what to do and when to do it.I was so taken aback,I didn't want to be rude,I just picked up my daughter and walked away.Afterwards,I thought of all the things I could have said to her!But do you guys think that its the parents place to dicipline their child or do you think she was perfectly fine?I think it was just her approach,she was too harsh with someone elses child,she was probably being protective of her own daughter but I was straight over,I wasn't letting it continue.The funny thing was her daughter starting running wild when singing and dancing was taking place and she started hitting my friends little boy!!And she didn't say a word to her,strange!
Hope you all well and getting excited!

Oh Jude, over protective parents like that drive me insane !!!
Some people go way overboard and you will learn that as your DD gets older and goes to school. It drives me absolutely batty. I am not sure whether I would have said something at the time or not but man would I have liked to !!!

Same thing happened with me with names. With my last pregnancy we had Luke picked for a boys name (which we got) and Charlotte for a girls name. My niece fell pregnant shortly after and named her daughter Charlotte, grrr !!

I like Loretta for a girl and Jayden for a boy. Those names could totally change though, hehe.

Hi ladies

How is everyone today? It's so hot up here in Brissy! Wouldn't be surprised if we get aother storm...I'm very fortunate to live in a part of Brissy that doesn't seem to get much of the storms (touch wood!)

Jude - I'd be so annyed if someone spoke that way to my child. Before having DS I worked in child care and came across so many parents who were live that and very over protective of their children. Still, I do not believe it's a persons right to speak that way to someone elses small child. Toddlers are still learning at that age and she would have known that she didn't 'really' mean to hit her child. Surely speaking in a gentler manner and simply saying 'please don't be so rough, my child doesn't like it' (or something along those lines, would have been much more appropriate. I guess some people are a little ignorant some times. Well....maybe just stay away from her next time Jude!! Some people just have 'perfect' children!! haha


Hi all, what is everyones plans for the weekend?is it this weekend that youre moving loz?
i feel fine telling all you lot the names we like but i wont be telling any of our friends/family for the same reason as all of you and plus i dont want them telling me they dont like the names etc.
Boys-Roman, Devon, Bailey, Marley
girls- Devon, Bailey, Taylor, Mahli, Havana, Khianna, Acacia.
we like the kinda different names.girls are so much easier than boys!
this weekend we are going xmas shopping and having a games night around at my cousins house,then tomorrow night ill be having dinner around at my friends house.
irish eyes-yea i think he likes taking the pills cos it makes him feel a part of the preperation too, and really if you think about it they should take part, they are half of whats needed!Did you get any for him?
alrighty, take care ladies

Hi girles!
Some of you may remember in my earlier posts that since I stopped BF DS earlier this year my cycles have been all out of wack, around 50-ish days each cycle. I've started taking Vitex during this cycle to try and regulate it - well AF returned in full force this morning WOOHOOO! That means this cycle was only 37 days - such an improvement from last few months! I'm so relieved. Whether or not it was acually the Vitex that helped, I don't now, as I started taking it about 2.5 weeks into this cycle. Perhaps it's just my body finally, slowly starting to regulate it self again - but who care, cos I got AF WOOT WOOT!! Never would have thought I'd be so excited to get AF lol.
On the name front, we're not sure about a boys name but a couple that we like are: Jayden, Kallen, Jayce, Connor (hubby's pick), I find boys names much hard then girls name too! For a girl we've picked Mia, love that name soooo much. Not sure about middle names yet. Anyway, hope everyone is feeling great this Sat morning. It's going to be another hot day here in Brissy and we're supposed to get more bad storms tonight. I'm so thankful to live in a part of Brissy that doesn't get affected by these storms (touch wood!)

Hey Carla, we were not affected by the storms either thankfully. We live on the Southside. I like Jayden for a boys name. It is on my list as well. Not sure if DH likes it though. It does go nicely with our last name, hehe.

17 days until I get my Implanon removed .. woot woot !!

Hi Kathy, that's good that you're out of the way of the storms. We live on the north side and although some of the suburbs around us have copped it, we haven't. We never really do get much of any storm. Like you, I love the Jayden but Dh also isn't overly keen on it. He really likes Connor right now but I'm not sold on it. I guess we've got plenty of time to decide...especially because I agreed to not find out the sex next time sad It's going to drive me

Hey Girls
Just dropping in to say hi. I've been to a 1st birthday today, heaps of babies and one very pregnant friend who still has 11 weeks to go but she's all baby! And I didn't feel jealous!!!! That's an absolute first for me! But I did always have a baby in my arms hahaha
Someone mentioned names earlier. We've already decided on Myah for girl and Lincoln for a boy (I just love Linc!!) But if Matty's grandmother is on track for her predictions and she always is, then we're having 2 boys and only a girl if we "go back for 3rd child". Matty's told me the other week while drinking with his mates that he likes Will. Personally I don't like it and like another lady had a similar sounding last name, we've got Summerville. I can't have 2 double ll's. But we'll wait and see!
I hope you're all having a great weekend
Hi Everyone !!

Wow so many posts since last time....

Waiting for DR's appt this coming Tues to check for bloods. I went last wed but said it was too early to test....GRrrrr. Hopefully I have ovulated...

Jayden has been particularly naughty the last couple of days. I think he is teething so that def doesn't help.

We have decided to go to the Gold Coast for a hol the last weekend of Jan so won't be trying before then, so more then likely TTC Feb....

We are in the middle of packing, we move out next w/e to live with my sister until we build our house. Someone mentioned in an earlier post that they are packing also....I am soooo over it.

My fav names are: (I have been collecting them for a while, some are first and second names)

Aliyah Rose
Thomas Jack (Thomas is Jaydens middle name as well as DH)
Chloe Taylah
Keira Simone (Simone my middle name)
Emily Kate
Noah Jhett
Riley James
Cody Matthew
Bailey (particularly like this one at the moment)

Anyhoo, better run.

Tara and Jayden

hey everyone...

been battering the storms near brissy this week, we found out our house leaks but luckily we are on the outskirts of ipswich so we didn't get much damage but the wind OMG!!

i've been really really really tired of late and i still have 6 days to go until AF is due, i'm just hoping that we haven't concieved yet because there goes my last chance of having a girl sad(. i really just hope its something else.

i have a party to go to tomorrow and i get to see some old friends i haven't seen in ages so i am really excited and nervous, its been 8 years!

laters Kristy
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