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TTC JAN 09 Lock Rss

Hi everyone, just saw an ad about something pretty exciting!theres a home pregnancy test you can get that tells you whether youre pregnant (duh!) but also tells you how far along you are!i thought that was amazing!im in england so i dont know if its available yet in oz or nz.soon theyll have one that tells you what sex the baby is aswell lol

Are you going to buy one Toni? That sounds great. I wonder how soon you can test? Hahahaha about the sex predictor. Now that would be amazing!

Time will tell Kristy. How many boys do you have? Just the one? You might have to have 3 girl if the next one is a boy, hehehehe, or is 2 children your limit?

Hey Tara, I absolutely love Keira Simone gasp)

Two boys hey Tonee & maybe a girl ??
Linc is cute gasp)

Hey Carla, a surprise would be nice. My DS#2 was a surprise gasp)

hey guys so 2 weeks till we see our specialest and then not long till we can start trying again. got my damn af atm man i did not miss it

Boy Central-yea i think i might buy one before we leave the UK just in case you cant get them in not sure how soon you can test with it but the one on the ad said 2 weeks.
we're going to amsterdam in a couple of days, cant wait, but we're going on the bus and it takes 20 hours!haha fun fun.

hey everyone!!

did a preg test today as i am still sooooo tired, sleeping until 10 getting up a few hours going back to sleep at 3 in the arvo and still passing out at night...but it was BFN... so i must go to the doctors when i get a chance, but with tupperware its Record Breaker Week so i have been busy doing parties or trying to get some parties..

Boy Central - we have 4 boys

See you all later!
good old tupperware i am actually waiting for mine to turn up i had a party last friday and i am getting to much stuff free

Hey syd babe, what date do you see your specialist?
We will be starting to TTC around the same time. I have an appt with my GP on the 9th Dec to get my Implanon removed. Then it is all steam ahead, toot toot !!!!

How old are your boys Kristy?

Mine are 11, 2.2yrs & 1.2yrs.

Great aren't they?
What would we do with pink in the house, hehehehe.
Don't they sell the most gorgeous girls things & the most crap boys things!

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