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TTC JAN 09 Lock Rss

Hey Toni, good luck with the test. Hope you have a fantastic time in Amsterdam. I took my son on the train when he was about 5-6 years old to Townsville. We had seats only and it took 24 hours. Very long trip but very enjoyable!

Hi Girls,
How you all going everyone starting to get ready for Christmas. Looking forward to this Christmas Aiden was only 6 wks last year and christmas was at our place so was a bit stressful but this year its at my SIL which is great.

i have my specialest appointment on the 8th dec so getting worried now. i am just finishing my af so hopefully things go to plan

hi girls, i havent been on here in a week or so, we have just moved house, all went smoothly. Well i got positive ovulation strips on CD27 and 28 this cycle so i'm expecting to get AF from CD37. So i will only have one more cycle till we can try smile yay exciting. But i worked out that if m cycles stay 38day plus then i would only be able to try 8-9 times a year sad
Hi ladies, how is everyone? Well here in Brissy it's been a very wet morning! AF is starting ti finish up which is always nice, so I can't wait to see how this cycle goes for me. The cycle I just had was 37 days thanks to the Vitex that I started taking, so will be interesting to see if this cycle I'm just starting is shorter or the same or longer.

lozwatts - I know exactly what you mean about only being able to try 8-9 x year. Before having DS my cycles were always about 33-37 days long so there would be some months that it would work out that we couldn't even try. Oh well, we'll just have to make the most out of the months we can try!! Not long now, xmas is exactly 4 weeks away, then Jan 09 1 week later - bring it on!!


Boy Central - our boys are 7,4,3,and almost 11 months...

we are looking forward to christmas here, it will be Zander's first christmas and now every weekend up until christmas we have events to go to or i have tupperware parties to do so busy busy busy!

so what is everyone doing for christmas?

Christmas Eve is my dad's birthday so we go over there to set up the tree and have a BBQ. Christmas lunch we are having our friends over from a couple of blocks away as they don't have any family up here, so that will be lovely! Then for dinner we are going out to my aunts and uncles for all of my side of the family, its a tradition and we love it!!

Then boxing day we are going out to the in laws for another lunch, i'm sure over the christmas period i am going to put on 10 kilos but i'm glad as last year i was preggers with Zander and i had GD so i didn't get to indulge much and i missed sitting back at the dinner table drinking scotch and drys with my Pa!!!

Laters Kristy
Helloooo everyone
I'm also looking forward to Xmas. Kyan was only 9 weeks old last Xmas so wasn't overly interested lol, this year he's pretty amused with all the decorations in the shops etc, and tonight DH and I put up our Christmas tree. We've had to put the tree in a corner, barracaded off so that Kyan can't get to it hehe. We're having Christmas lunch at my place with my folks, my in-laws, BIL and his fiance and a couple grandparents - fairly small but should be really nice. I'm trying to be really healthy at the moment (hahahahaha) and Im getting to the gym 3-4 x week, so might have to go a bit more over the xmas period to counteract all the the yummy food I'll be eating lol. Hope everyone is feeling good - 34 days til January 2009 WOOHOO!


hello everyone, Cd38 and still no period this cycle, its depressing sad but i do have a backache and that yucky crampy feeling right before she shows so should be tommorrow i think.

I love christmas its my favourite time of year, i can't wait for caden to wake up christmas morning and see his presents. It will be soooo much fun for him this year being 18mths.
I hope AF turns up for you soon lozwatts.
Sounds strange doesn't it, hehe. I hope this will be your last AF !! (Better x x)

All of my family come to our house Christmas Eve. There will be my sister and her 2 children, my Mum & Dad, my brother and us. We buy a ham and pretty much eat that for breakfast, lunch and dinner with salads etc (ham & eggs for breakfast). Cannot forget the munchies of course. DH is working Christmas morning for 4 hours but he should be home about 8-9am. The kids usually have their stockings while we have a cuppa. When DH gets home we all open our pressies. Then we have a cooked breakfast. Family usually leaves Christmas afternoon and my eldest son Jack spends the afternoon/night with his Dad & his family. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

8 sleeps until I get my Implanon removed gasp)

Hi all,
ooh youre all making me excited about xmas!ours is going to be a bit different this year as i always spend it with my family (mum, dad and sisters)but cos we're in england will be having it with my aunty,uncle and actually feeling a bit homesick sad, missing my mum alot.haha i sound like a little kid.i think its worse because my auntie is such a b*t*h, shes really awful and its making us want to leave sooner.but oh well only 4 weeks to go now until xmas and then only 2 weeks after that we will be back in nz and cant start baby making yeah!
we got back from amsterdam yesterday, it was um...interesting haha.the red light district is weird!
ok well sunshine and blue skies to you all,

Hi toni, i would love to see amsterdam, i have heard lots about it, not all that fantastic but i'm curious what can i say he he smile but i would love to be in England too,i actually prefer cooler than hot days like here in oz.

Boy-Central thanks, i actually started spotting yesterday arvo and again today but nothing heavy yet, i feel like i'm gonna explode and my skin is soo yuk. i hate hormones.

Hi all!Hope you are all doing well and enjoying this build up to Christmas.I am also a fan of Christmas,I used to enjoy the cold Christmas'at home in Ireland but have adapted to a kiwi Christmas and love it now!I do miss the turkey dinner though!

loswatts,I hope AF does arive for you as pmt is not very nice,I am like you,waiting waiting any day now!!
Toni,it must be tough being with your aunty this year but not long till you are on that plane as you say.

Are all of you off your contraception at this stage,I have finished my pill for this month and not sure whether to take another month?

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