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TTC JAN 09 Lock Rss

Hi Girls,
Not much happening here. Made an appt with an acupunturist today to see if he can help me start OV again. Aiden started walking this week and is into even more trouble now lol.

hey everyone!!

its been nice to hear what you all do for christmas! its lovely!!

well, i am now 6 days late for my AF, have been through 4 pregnancy tests (including a doctor's visit) and still nothing.

the doctor said that i have gastro so i think i will have to go to someone else and demand a blood test...i am never late except when i'm pregnant, its very annoying!! i just wish i knew what was going on, not stressed or anything so i dunno LOL

laters Kristy
Hi Kristy,

I think I would do what your doing and get a second opinion and a blood test,you know your body better than anyone else!How exciting,you could be the first from this thread to be due,who knows!Good luck,I have my fingers crossed for you!

Mummyk24- that does sound promising!please let us know how you go!

irish eyes-i am on my AF at the moment and have one pack of pills left which i have worked out will take me up until the 26th dec so from then i wont take anymore.its up to you whether you want to risk falling pregnant sooner than jan, i heard that sometimes women are most fertile when they first come off the pill.but then again coming off the pill now will give your body a chance to get ready for Jan aswell.


[Edited on 30/01/2009]
hey guys!!

as luck would have it my AF showed up yesterday in full force!! i think that DF was a bit upset, and he said that we may as well start trying now but i am not leaving the thread!!

i'm starting a scrapbooking party plan in January now so i'm excited about that too, i love scrapbooking and i have a few mates all around SE QLD who love it so i will be travelling around a bit come Jan 1!!

welcome mumma moo! Great to have a new one on board!


hey Kristy

i love scrapbooking too, so much fun!! sounds great, you'll love it!

so you are going to ttc asap?? i feel the same, but we have a few things on in january that i would like to be able to have a few drinks at!!

i can't wait to start ttc.. so exciting to get that bfp!!

moo x
hey Moo

yeah pretty much,DF is happy to throw the condoms away!! but it would be nice this christmas to have a few drinkies so i should be alright as i will be driving so only 2 or 3 on chrissy day!!

i am not looking forward to this weekend though, we will be very busy!!


Sounds like everyone is starting to get pretty excited about TTC gasp)
What rotten luck Kristy about AF being late.
Isn't it always the way, as soon as you go to the doc she turns up !!!
For all you girls who have babies who have just started walking, LOL, I hear ya loud and clear !!
I am booked in to get my Implanon removed on Tuesday, 4 more sleeps gasp)
My diet is pretty poor at the moment. I don't drink much but I will probably have a rum or two over Christmas. I take my multivitamins everyday. That is probably the only good thing I am doing, hehe. I need to cut down on the sweet biscuits & Doritos !!
Kathy x x

Hi Girls,
Kathy - Yay 4 more sleeps for you until its out. You must be so excited.
Well I'm still waiting for AF to arrive so I can start vitex and see if that makes me OV.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. We have an xmas party tomorrow night so that should be fun. Then hubby has a car show on sunday and Aiden and I are off to a 1st b'day party.

Hi everyone glad to hear youre all well and getting excited about getting a bit impatient aswell but i know that Jan is the right time to start trying. Kristy-sorry to hear AF turned up.
This weekend hubby is playing rugby and i am going to my friends 2year olds birthday.On sunday we will be packing and getting ready to go to Spain on monday, i cant wait!
have a great weekend everyone!

Hello all,

My hubby and i have 2 boys 4 and 2 years old.

I want another one later next year when my boys will be 5 and 3 and both of to school and kindy.

I want to try for a girl and also am following the shettles methed as well. I have read and read everything their is about this topic and the only thing that i keep hering is about the shettles. I also asked alot of mums about it and they said it worked for them. Someone did tell me about the chineese charts but it never worked for me as my 2nd should of been a girl but was a boy. So i am just going to follow the shettles method.

my hubbys family works in lots of three

Hubby had 2 sisters and himself

His 2 sisters have had 2 girls and a boy each

So we said because we have had 2 boys we have to have a girl as girls over rule the family lol.

But we are happy. We started doing it last month but i got my monthlys yeaterday
But are still happy cause i would like to have a few drinks over christmas and new years.

My aunty who i have been talking lots to because he is now 42 and only wanted one kid befor it was time to give up wanted a girl and she got it. She told me she went to the doctores cause it took over a year to try and get her and the doctore said just dont worrie about doing a few times a month do it more often and you will get a baby. she didnt want a boy so kept on doing it and about 14 months later their she was having the news they had concived so i know i tryed for my first for a year befor falling preg but i am hoping this one want take so long.

TTC a baby girl

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