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maybe baby Rss

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows how long after conception do u start to feel sick, or realise you are pregnant? I have one child already, but as he wasnt planned i can't remember the first bits of the pregnancy. I was also wondering, when do you think its the best time to take a test? The packets say 7-10 days, so is this best?

I have 3 boys!!!

okay i have just read some of your other sections which have lots of good answers, but since i was so dumb to start this topic when you all have spoken about it in length, any further information would be grateful haha

I have 3 boys!!!

hi Lucy,
i knew i was pregnant with baby days before i was due to get my next period,i did a home pregnancy test and even though it took a couple of minutes the line showed up and i was over the moon.So u can do a test a couple of days before your period and some women like myself just know that we r pregnant,good luck!!!!


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