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how big SHOULD i be? Rss

Hey all,

I started showing around 20 weeks but obviously showing to everyone else around 24 weeks and after that time I just got bigger and bigger!

I had heaps of fluid as well but I was enormous! But ne1 thats worried about nething just know that it depends on a lot of things to how big you end up being!

I had a few friends pregnant same time as me and we were all different belly sizes...........I was the biggest the whole time and the last time due, first due had a very tiny belly the whole time and delivered the biggest baby!

My baby girl was 2 weeks early at 7lb 10 1/2oz and my friend delievered the same size baby but on her due date and her baby belly was lots smaller!

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I am 6ft tall and a thin build, currently 64kg, and didn't start looking noticeable till I was about 5 months with my 2nd at 5.5 months with my first! I didn't have too small a bubs either...1st was 8lb 7.5oz and my 2nd was 8lb 1.5oz. I always wanted this huge big baby bump but it never happened but that's not to say there was only a tiny bub in there as there wasn't! Hoping this coming bump will be bigger!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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