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TTC FEB 09 Lock Rss

Hi all,

I'm not sure if I OV'd by myself this month so will just have to wait and see if AF turns up end of this week and if not then I am going to try another round of Clomid and hopefully DF will co-operate this time! I have been extremely tired the last week and my BB's feel like the are going to explode they are so sore, trying not to read into anything because they always hurt before AF arrives, Had 2 big cramps so far today which it would be nice if that was implantation!

I think lots of people have the problems with deciding to go with their head or heart, so often I go with what I want and dont think about the future etc and I think thats how I am going at the moment, I REALLY REALLY want another baby, my sis is having a c-section next Wed with her 2nd girl and me and DF were TTC for heaps longer than them so at the moment I am doing everything I can to get my BFP and DF has to come along for the ride!

Sorry to ramble, time for my lunch.

Baby dust to all smile

Posted by: uggar
Rach - how old was lilly when she died?? A friend of mine read some research last year on SIDS and found that the most dangerous times are at around 3 months & 9 months (they are not sure why).

Liz - Lilli was 5mths old, and 1 wk. I think its got to do with that this is the age where they are starting to move etc.. Though age honestly has no barrier i think. Ive met a few people at SIDS and one, her boy was only 4wks old, whilst another lady, her girl wa almost 2.

Ok so i think im due to ovulate today-tomorrow. Still unsure really. But my cervix is soft and open, got a + on the OPK test's yesterday and today. And i do have a good felin about this mth!!! Fingers crossed we all get BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi ladies, hope its ok if i roll over from Jan thread.
Im Toni from NZ and me and my husband are TTC #1, only just came off the pill at the end of dec so only been trying for 1 month.I am still waiting to test on or around the 3rd feb if AF doesnt show up.I dont feel any different so i dont think im pregnant but we'll see.
ok well good luck, have a great day everybody!

Hi, I am new too! We have a 2 yr old daughter Ella, and we started to try again in December with no luck. With Ella, my husband barely glanced in my direction and we were pregnant and so we assumed that it would happen again, but it hasn't. Oh well, still early days....

Just got my period today, so here we go again....!

I signed up to Fertily Friend today, it's a good website for charting your ovulation/period etc.

We would really like a little boy next. Does anyone think that it might take longer to conceive when you are specifically 'trying' for a particular sex?

Hi everyone, is it ok if i join the thread?

I'm Rachel. I have a son who's 9 months old and we're ttc#2 so fingers crossed.

We fell pregnant without really trying the first time round but i hear that its not always as easy the second time... does anyone know if thats true?

I'm trying to think positive. I think that by the end of this comimg weekend is when i can do a test to see if we've had success this month.
best of luck everyone best of luck

Hi, can I join too?? smile

I'm Liz, I've just turned 34 (arghhh!), married and have a DD who's 22 months. I've just managed to convince hubby that another baby would be great! He's got 2 boys from an earlier relationship so another baby would be number 4 for him.

AF is just finishing and I'm off to the doctor in a few days to get the implant taken out, so I think Feb will be too soon for me to fall, but you never know - our DD wasn't planned, she was conceived during a break from the pill that was only supposed to last until our next payday! Am definitely hoping to get BFP in Feb though, don't want to be too preg through heat of summer like last time.

Best of luck to everyone!!

Oops sorry - double post.
[Edited on 27/01/2009]

Hi all! Hope everyone had a great long weekend. AF has left the building so now the fun begins!! LOL LOL
Not sure how we will go as we didn't really TTC with my first 2DD's, they just happened! This TTC is all new to me!! LOL LOL

Hi Rachel(Kapsmum).I wouldn't say no 2 was tough! She was a big surprise. I was still breastfeeding and my DH and I don't even remember having sex!! LOL LOL

So is anyone else like me, (clueless about ovulation etc!!) and are just going for it??!! LOL LOL Everyone else seems so up with it and organised!

Good luck everyone!!

Hi, and welcome to all the ladies who have just joined us grin

I got my little parcel of Pre-seed in the post today, just in time for BDing - YAY! We havn't used it before, but hoping that it will help us get our BFP. You never know... I will try anything (even contemplating head-stands after BDing!!) lol

DH is home in 2 days! yippee grin

Hehehe, Mumtogirls, you are clueless about OV and such cos you havn't had to TTC you lucky girl grin
You are prob better off being clueless anyway, it will keep the pressure off TTC and you will prob have your BFP in no time smile

Anyway, good luck ladies!
Here's to staying positive to be POSITIVE! ;P
Jayne xo
[Edited on 27/01/2009]

Hello to all of the new ladies.

We are ttc no#2 as well. Isn't is funny how we all get told different things? DH and I had a lot of trouble falling with DD1 and a good friend of mine that had the same trouble as me told me that it is easier to fall with no 2 - sometimes the pregnancy and hormones get your body 'working' the way it should.
I guess we will just have to see wait and see!
Jaynie 81,

Might be a silly question, but what is your 'little parcel of pre-seed'?
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