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TTC FEB 09 Lock Rss

[Edited on 03/02/2009]
Mumtogirls (sorry forgot your name) - DD was a surprise so i'm new to it all too. DP thinks charting etc... is hippy nonsense so i'll have to do it all behind his back lol.
whats the pre-seed

whats the pre-seed

Here is an up to date list of the ladies in this forum....

Mummof2 - TTC #3
McMum - Bec - TTC #2
JacksMummy08 - Anna - TTC #2
Sez<3shergirls - TTC #2
Shansamkelly - Sam - TTC #1
Callums Mummy - TTC #2
Jen81 - TTC #2
princessdaddynme - TTC #2
Boy-Central - TTC?
Jaynie 81 - Jayne - TTC #1 for 6 months
Kate's Mum - Louise TTC #2
Mumma moo - TTC #2
Lasmonkey - TTC #3
mirri moogle - Mirri - TTC #2 for 6 months
babyafterdepo - TTC #2 for 7 months
mareeba mum - Kelly - TTC #3
Westygirl - TTC#1 for 4 months
*two monkeys* - TTC $3
Mummytobe - Nic - TTC #1 for 5 months
Syd_babe_99 - Cindy - TTC#2 for 2 months
uggar - Liz - TTC #2 for 2 months
Ab-b - Abbie - TTC #2 for 12 months
mallecat - TTC #2
RM9698 - Rachael - TTC #2 for 8 months
*Mumtogirls* - Belinda TTC #3
squeek06 - TTC #2
mallecat - TTC #2
goosmum - TTC #2
renastar - Serena - TTC ?
Rach2281 - Racheal - TTC #3
m_nasa - Michelle - TTC #1
Lana - TTC #3 for 4 months
~jojo~ - Jo - TTC #2 for 6 months
kelznjosh - TTC #2
lozwatts - TTC #2
renastar - Serena - TTC #1
MummytoCody - Carolyn - TTC #2
babybaby! - Toni - TTC #1 for 1 month
Snitzi - TTC #2 for 2 months
kapsmum - Rachel - TTC #2
blonde lizzard - Liz - TTC #2

ms1708 - Mel - EDD ??

** Any mistakes or alternations please let me know **

Mumtogirls i'm just as clueless about ovulation aswell, i'm just going for it and hoping for the best LOL. I don't calculate my cycle and have a rough idea of when my period is due so knowing when i ovulate is anyones guess.
Hey can i join in?
I have just gone off the pill.. and would like to try for no 3.. 2nd pregnancy.
Hi Everyone!! Wow hasnt this thread grown!!! Hopefully it means we will see lots BFP's in February. AF isnt due til Monday, but I am happy it isnt early this time. Last time it was 6 days early, so thought it may have been again this time. I had acupuncture last Friday, he said he would treat me for stress as he thought I was stressed. He also gave me some Chinese Herb capsules to take when I get my AF, so heres hoping that they work. I think I will be needing to take them as I feel a bit like AF is going to be here in the next few days. Anyway gotta go pick DS up from Daycare, at least I got lots of work done today. Bye!

Rachel XX

Hi Ladies!
i just got my period today - and for me that is super exciting!!! as i am still breastfeeding oliver 3x a day, so wasn't sure if i was ovulating or not!
but i guess i must be??? hmmm maybe i should look that up..... hahaha
anyways it means SOMETHING is happening!

We have found a place so we will be TTC in Feb after all! I'm so excited!
i am ov tonight but i so don't feel like it

mumstogirls-me too, i havent got a clue about ovulation etc, we are 'just going for it' as you say!we have been 'doing it' at least once a day sometimes twice, i figure the more we do it the more chance we have at catching the little egg!and hubbys definately not complaining!
i dont really want to stress myself (im a stressy person lol) learning about OV days and temperatures and what not so i think we'll just do it like we are now and then if not preg by say 6months then i will look into OV etc.

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