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TTC FEB 09 Lock Rss

Hi again.
I was wondering where this post had gone.
You're right - February is coming around quickly. I haven't gone off the pill yet because last time we got pregnant within two weeks of coming off it so I'm sort of hoping that we are that lucky again. I doubt it but its worth a try!
Im still trying to really decide if we will start TTC in February. Im in the middle of having some major dental surgery done. The surgery is very much needed, but will take almost 8 months, but it can't progess if Im pregnant... problem is I don't want to wait another 8 months to TTC. Hmmm - hard decision but baby is outweighing teeth at the moment LOL!
Hope everyone had a great Christams ....

Oh i can relate to that McMum. I had my top 2 wisdom teeth out in 2006 and was supposed to get the last one out in 2007 (private health will only cover 2 teeth extractions in one year) but i choose to get pregnant instead. Then this year i couldn't stand the thought of the pain of having my tooth out whilst looking after a baby, so that left next year... which as you now know i have chosen to get pregnant again instead. Sounds much more fun to me than having dental work smile I wouldn't be able to wait either. Hope you can make that difficult decision.

Hi everyone
Well AF came back on Christmas Day so hopefully should be all go for Feb. I am still on the mini pill and I think I will keep taking it till Feb. I went to the doc last week and got a prescription for folic acid. It is quite exciting to think of trying again and I loved being pregnant.

Hi mummof2,

We are hopefully going to be trying for twins with the help of '' or at least for a girl! I would love girl boy girl boy combo so fingers crossed. How bout you?? any preference?

Sounds interesting, please share some info for us hopeful twin makers gasp)

It is exciting isn't it. I thought i wouldn't be as excited second time round because i have already had one baby but im just as excited as i was the first time. Not long now until February and hopefully some very quick BFP. Hope everyone had a great new years. My little man turns 1 next week aarrgg... growing up so fast.

hey guys, can i join your thread?? DP and I have decided to start TTC number 2 in Feb and i'm really excited. DD is 21 months and we have already given away all her baby goods as DP was set on having just the one and then after meeting a friends 2 kids he decided he wouldn't mind a second smile My only problem is I don't currently have a doctor as my old GP is now a sahm.
Hello princessdaddynme & welcome gasp)

Hey Jen, the funny thing is, you can never imagine loving your second child as much as you do your first but you fall in love with them just as much !!!

Welcome princessdaddynme, you must be so excited to go for another baby, especially since you were thinking there would only be one. And as for giving away all your stuff, now you get some nice new stuff.... i think i might give mine away for fun now so i can get more stuff smile smile just kidding... but would be nice.

Boy-central, i didn't think i could love another baby as much for ages but now i feel that i definately can. I can't wait, its exciting but a little more nerve racking than the first time around. How am i going to cope with 2??

We too are trying to conceive a girl. What are your hints and tips??

Hi ladies
Welcome Princessdaddynme! Im sure if you ask around you'll find another gp that you feel comfortable with. If you can get in contact with her she may even be able to give you some recommendations!
I know the feeling of thinking you couldn't love another one as much. I feel like my heart is so full of love for Mackai that no more could fit LOL!
Jen81 - I think its a little more nerve wracking this time too! We didnt' really try with DS1 it just happened so quickly, so I know Im going to drive myself crazy ttc this time around. I'm going to be a serial tester LOL!

Has everyone stopped birth control yet or are you still on it? Im still on the pill at the moment, because we fell within 2 weeks of coming off it last time so I figure I'll try the same method again. I told DH yesterday that I only have about 20 days left and then I'll be off it. I think he paniked a bit LOL! I guess its just as nerve wracking for them as it is for us!

Anyway ladies, Im off to a 1st birthday party today!

February baby dust to you all!!


Hi McMum

Hope you enjoyed the 1st birthday party. My little man turns 1 next Friday, i can't believe he is that old already. It seems like just yesterday that we were planning him and now we are planning a little brother or sister for him. Its scary how time flies.

Yeh i have gone off the pill back at the end of October. Had AF straight after and then on time in November but none in December so still trying to get my cycle in order (unless im pregnant already which i guess i will fine out in time).

Yeh i think it is nerve racking for the husbands too but i think alot easier than the first time. The first time with us was almost a disaster because DH was so nervous. Lucky we got pregnant first month and didn't have to go through that stress again smile

Hope you are all well.

Hellooooo, hope I can join in too!

I am already rolling over from TTC JAN, as I have just OV but missed BD'ing due to DH being away... So now I am looking to the next month and pinning all my hopes on FEB!

I'm Jayne, DH and I have been TTC #1 since September, so Feb will be our 6th month of trying.

shansamkelly - I was told by my Dr, and a few friends who have had bubs, that your first cycle off the pill is the MOST LIKELY time to fall pregnant... So keep taking that pill right up to your wedding! ...And you could even go off it a week before the wedding so your AF will be finished by the wedding and honeymoon, or no harm in waiting til after the honeymoon! Best of luck, I hope you get lucky wink
And all the best for your wedding too.

Hi everyone,

My name is Louise and DH and I are going to start TTC in Feb. We have an 11 months old DD who I have just weaned from 7 and counting. It took us 2.5 years to fall with DD due to PCOS so we thought we would start trying again straight away. We are going to start on Clomid as soon as af arrives properly ( having a very light one already ). I love being a mum and can't wait for number two!
Good luck to everyone!
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